Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steven on RTHK station 5

Steven as guest in RTHK station 5 香江暖流「星星會客室」on 4/15/2014  (1100-1200)
 djs:  盧世昌 and (?)

For those who can listen please do if only to listen to the sina (housewife) call-in gushing over Steven.  They were even more ardent than young girl fans.  There is this one sina who said that she so loved Steven that she delayed going to the emergency hospital on Friday night even though the ambulance was outside her apartment building because she so wanted to finish watching SIAC finale not knowing that the finale was in fact on Sunday.  She said she was happy to be discharged from the hospital to watch the finale at home. lol! And all the call-in sina urged Steven to get married and to film more tvb series.  They all requested his signed photo. One told Steven to hold another concert in HK, Steven said plans are in the work for such a concert this year.

click listen 收聽 MP3  The streaming comes in 3 parts, Steven's interview in the 2nd part at 5:00
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or listen to sina video uploads here

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  1. OMG the housewife that delayed going into the ambulance, I don't know whether to shake hands with her fanaticism towards SIAC or to shake head at her disruption of medical service schedule. But knowing she is alright now, it's so funny! And glad that she got to enjoy the SIAC finale at home.

    We all want Steven to return for more TVB series! Hope TVB owns up and come up with a great script that would lure Steven back (a great comedy with Tavia please, lol). Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long.