Tuesday, April 8, 2014

weibo April 8 2014 First mini movie mv done

2014-04-08 14:41 Have finished finished shooting mv mini movie and the photoshoot for the album cover, truly tired but happy. My thanks to the production team! Tomorrow with Fala will be on radio to promote our new song,  "Platonic Love"  「非戀之情」.  After that will do the prep work on Cherish 2 including shooting mvs for the two other main songs...  Guess this year besides filming tv series I'll be attempting new stuff too.  Music truly takes up a lot of my time! Thankful that everything has been going well!

Wonder if Steven is planning a concert in HK soon re his enigmatic reply in response to the question of when is his upcoming concert?

Steven: If I truly hold a concert in HK, will you all come?

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  1. Yes I would come, even if I have to fly from Singapore :)