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Steven and Fala Chen's radio interviews to promote their duet

April 9 2014- Mala's two different radio interviews to promote their duet.

rthk station 2 [Made in Hong Kong] tudou
metroinfo 《娱乐旗舰店》
Duet on youtube
English lyrics translation

To read paraphrased excerpts of the above two interviews goto metroinfo link, or rthk link

Steven Ma and Fala Chen went to a radio station to promote their duet song. This song talks about the love between a godbrother and a godsister. Steven said that they also refer to each other as brother and sister in private. Fala said that, when she just entered the industry, she would always ask Steven how to handle the paparazzi.

Would they ask about their romantic matters and contract renewal with TVB? Steven laughingly said, "I really support people to follow their heart's desire and to be themselves. However, a relationship is two people's matter. Regarding contract renewal, then no". Fala said, "I always ask him whether he would get married. The girl beside him has a lot of positive energy, but he is a Chaozhou macho man...girls need to be comforted".

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Gotta say both Steven and Fala look so much better on screen than on pix.

When asked if she asks Steven for advice on romantic relationship, Fala quips Steven should take care of his own (relationship) first.   Steven instantly retorts: Wah! Who say?! (lol!)

--- more scaps with captions.

Fala: Maybe you should not be so chauvinistic!

Fala: You being too protective can also give that person a kind of pressure

Fala: I hope to see him happy ma!

Fala: The Ron I know is not this way. (as depicted in the book)

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  1. Did you translate the song yet, Tamaya?

    1. yes -- goto http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2014/03/steven-and-fala-chens-duet.html

  2. Steven should really venture out and seek collaborations with artists outside of his close circle of friends. It will give him new learning opportunities and add to his already diverse portfolio.

    1. Steven has ventured out - why else would he break off his contractual ties with TVB over Kublai Khan tv series if not for his desire to expand his horizon by working with a different director and different artists in a different environment? Why else would he sign up with Tao Yuan co if not for the diverse opportunities in different artistic arenas given to him to direct and produce his own dramas? But I get what you meant - Steven wants to sign up Fala for various reasons, one being that if she joins his company then they can partner each other on stage performances, concerts and other money making enterprises. He would most probably like to have her (cos' she's a freelancer) as the female lead in his first movie production because they work well together so that at least would eliminate the getting-to-know-each-other ice breaker period. And since they know each well, that relationship by itself would eliminate lots of unnecessary misunderstanding that can and will occur among strangers. His thinking is very similar as to why Michelle Yip's as to why she had Raymond Lam as her male lead in her first movie production besides his popularity among tv audiences.

      But before his own movie production at the end of year (fingers crossed), he will be shooting a drama (movie/series?) sometime in June after releasing his music album with a whole different cast.

  3. He actually sought to sign Linda and Tavia as well and hoped to film MVs with them. While I think their close friendships are very commendable and rare, why not work with other directors, actors/actresses, and people in the industry? Yes, he has his own production company, but thus far he is recruiting his old crew or have chosen to work with them instead. I'd like to see him with more mainland artists.

    By the way, is it true Fala decided to not sign with Steven's production company?

    1. Actually, Steven did not seek out Tavia to be in his mv, much to her fans' dismay. Steven's 3 mvs are very personal to him -- first one is Fala duet mv, 2nd one is dedicated to his father, and then 3rd one is "I'm getting married". A grapevine rumor had it that Linda Chung may have actually composed the song "I'm getting married" because earlier in a news report (see below) Linda reportedly composed a song of the same title and likewise is a Mandarin song. What is the coincidence that Steven's song/mv is also a Mandarin song of the same title as Linda's? So maybe that's why he had wanted her to star in it?

      But I'm definitely with you on that Steven should expand his network to work with other actresses and he would, but not just yet for his mvs that are so close to his heart and his first time directing mvs featuring a leading lady. But don't worry, in the same report that Steven allegedly said he wanted Linda in his mv, he also said he was currently in contract negotiation with 10 or more actresses for his company. As for crew, I personally think it is prudent to work with competent people that you trust and know so I've no problem with that of him starting out his first few projects using them.

      Yes, Fala has declined Steven's offer to sign with his company.

      Linda's news report 令我在情人崖上作了首歌,叫做〈我要結婚了〉,當時已經作了旋律同有國語歌詞,這首歌將會在下一張專輯上聽到。」 http://www.ihktv.com/linda-wants-to-get-married.html

    2. Steven should just collaborate with his three sisters and familiar crew on one production and then be satisfied and happy. Wishful thinking, but that would be his fans' dream come true.

      Wondered why he didn't invite Tavia to film his MV?

      Thank you Tamaya for all the hard work and dedication you put into maintaining and updating this website!

    3. Are you the two Anonymous the same person or different people? lol!
      I would love to have the 3 'sisters' co-starred with Steven in the same tv series too - that's Steven's and a former tvb scriptwriter's wish too. http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-script-on-steven-with-his-three.html . But then, just imagining these fadans' fans vocally arguing over Steven's 'favoritism' towards one sister over the others, or their idol's lack of screen time, or the usual petty arguments among different idol's fans. Headache!

      There being only 3 mvs and two are already taken (duet, father), so tor the last mv it is either Tavia or Linda, and per my speculation that Linda maybe the song composer for the mv, "I'm getting married," Steven would of course have Linda starred in it, but now that role falls on Fala. TVB must have rejected his offer for Linda to be in his mv, (surprise! surprise!) never mind going for Tavia who has just renewed her contract with TVB.

    4. Maintaining this blog on someone I admire and appreciate has being an enjoyable pastime and indulgence, so not so much hard work but a pleasure. Moreover, I do get inspired by Steven's ever positive outlook on life; he's like the little engine that could against all odds and adversity. lol!

    5. I thought there was a news report during promotion of SIAC that reported Steven also wishes to ask Tavia and Linda to star in his MVs? Perhaps it does not have to be his 3 MVs (he could still have MVs in the future)?

      Getting Tavia or Linda to star in his MV would be harder because they are both signed with TVB though. Since getting them to do an MV is already so hard, getting two of them plus Fala to star in one series together would even harder. Sounds like it's only possible if all 4 of them are still with TVB (even so then it's hard because his 3 sisters are all members of the 5 top fa dans and TVB wouldn't put most of their resources in one basket, unless it is an extremely huge production). Even then, the last time we have them star together was Moonlight Resonance, that was even before Tavia, Fala, and Kate secured the first leading status.

      Therefore, his collaboration with his 3 sisters together, will probably only exist in fanfic or fanmade MV. I remembered there was this fanmade MV I watched long ago, which song talks about "how many sisters you actually have? why are all your sisters so fragile?" (of course in reality his sisters seem to be quite strong). I tried to find it again but could not find it, does anyone still have the link to it?

      I wonder what really happened with that song "I want to get married". If Linda composed it, I would find it weird that Steven did not mention it when he mentioned that song. And similarly, it is also weird that Linda promoted the song without mentioning Steven singing it (since if she did compose it for him to sing it, then it would likely be due to friendship gesture since Linda is not a pro composer and Steven is not a TVB contracted artiste. But, it will also be weird if it is a coincidence to have the same song name. Wonder what really happened.

    6. "Akazukin: I thought there was a news report during promotion of SIAC that reported Steven also wishes to ask Tavia and Linda to star in his MVs? Perhaps it does not have to be his 3 MVs (he could still have MVs in the future)?"

      I must have missed that news or that it has slipped my mind but you were right Steven did invite Tavia besides Linda and Fala to lead in his mvs but because of her and Linda's conflicting schedules they were not able to do it. (More likely TVB rejected Steven's mv invitation than the pc reason given.) Anyway, a head's up to those who would like to attend Steven's Malaysia concert planned (as opposed to 'confirmed') for the latter half of the year.