Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UPDATED: AC concert (16-song playlist)

My thanks to all youtube uploaders, much appreciated.

The next song up is "Moon represents my love".  Because I had so identified this song with Teresa Deng's soft, gentle and utterly feminine voice I thought the saccharine sweet melody as a woman's song, therefore unsuited to a masculine vocal, and I've listened to quite a few including Steven's past rendition. But surprisingly I actually like Steven's modified version, which departs from his past soft and gentle crooning style of singing "Moon". His version here has a distinctive varied pitch modulation unlike the song's original tune- sweet melody but unvaried modulation. Usually I dislike changes to a beloved song's tune but I really like how Steven sang "Moon" with pizazz - not as a mincing sweet-nothings crooning but as a masculine love serenade to his audience; I totally buy into it.

不了情 is an old favorite song of my grandma's and I've watched the old movie with her too so again I was biased towards a female voice singing this song. A classic woman's heartbreak song, I thought the song was not suitable for a male singer. Although Steven did an excellent job in this rendition I still prefer original female singer's heartrending slower tempo rendition. But when I listened to Steven sing the song live in his deep masculine voice imbued with emotion I was totally drawn into his song, entranced. While his 不了情 is sang with a man's melancholy, his 新不了情 is sang with a man's heartbreak.  Steven truly has a most wonderful bass voice.  As for the rest of his songs, I've heard them many times online but there is simply no surpassing the feeling of being actually serenaded by Steven live - it's an experience felt not just heard.

I've merged Erica Liang's 5 videos into one luxurious 10:16 min video tudou
Here are other uploads on different mainland sites.1) Lucky is to have met you  ; 2) on weibo: Opening number OTTOO themesong

Added to playlist: 1) the complete 上海灘/新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢/戲班小子 medley  2) the complete Lucky is to have met you


  1. like the way he sang this song, very sexy voice....wao!!

  2. Sexy x2, Tks for sharing

  3. Are you talking about Moon represents my love? I like his version too, he sounds even better live. FYI, the above video is a playlist of 12 songs for now. Will continue to update with new youtube uploads.

  4. Many thanks Tamaya for the video uploads. Yes, I'm referring to 'Moon Represents My Love', his sound so sexy, mature, and got some sense of humour.

  5. Thank you so much Tamaya for all the efforts to collate the videos here. I was still waning in self pity that being more than halfway across the globe from AC (in Singapore), I simply have no chance to catch a single glimpse of the show. Am really really delighted by all the videos here.

    And yes, the way he belted out "Moon represents my love" was simply..... awwwww.... sexy, manly and sooo charming. Look at that expression on the screen!

    Thank you once again, Tamaya!

    T. Huey (Singapore)

    1. Happy to share fans uploaded videos here with Steven's fans all over the world. Yes, Steven looked quite cheeky singing that song. lol!

  6. He was rlly awesome. Well done steven. He is rlly good looking in live. Love all the song he sang in the concert. I miss him already. After going to the concert start to become his fan. He was funny and has heart