Friday, May 16, 2014

Steven Ma's 1st MV Mini Movie 「爸士」preview

Congratulations to Steven on his first short film music video as producer! [鼓掌]

Source: TrueStarHongKong

Ba Xi「爸士」, Steven's first short film musical video as producer, will be broadcasted in all KMB bus lines on Monday, May 19. Everybody, when taking the bus keep an eye out for it! Meanwhile, here's the trailer.

*KMB= Kwoloon Motor Bus Co.
Steven's father is a former KMB employee of 30 years or so.

Steven's affinity with KMB
-- 2006 4-27 Steven Ma inherits the bus driver's seat


原創故事。監製 馬浚偉

「爸士」音樂微電影的故事靈感是來自馬浚偉 (Steven) 的家庭背景,Steven 生於香港一個草根家庭,小時候一家6口住在深水埗白田村,爸爸是九巴司機,服務九巴公­司30多年,是一家的經濟之柱,Steven常說他是喝九巴奶粉長大。他記得小時候會­跟著爸爸開工,還負責拉錢箱的手制,看到巴士會令他帶回不少兒時回憶,而爸爸曾是九巴­車長亦是他引以為傲的事,對於巴士,他有著一份特別的情感。所以在創作新大碟的時候,­他特別想寫一首歌送給他的爸爸,更想以這首歌去製作一套音樂微電影。今次是馬浚偉首次­擔任音樂微電影監製,以音樂+影像發放正能量。


  1. His really a talented artist, what he did is meaningful, I respect of what he did especially during this year.

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    1. **"is way of "thanking" KMB for "providing his family the dough" **
      Steven is a 飲水思源 person who remembers his roots and repays his human debts to people, company or organization who has had in one way or the other helped him or his family along the way when they were in need. Over the years, he has kept his ties with both KMB and the hospital authority by being their spokesperson and also in the latter's charity fund raising events. Reportedly, Steven still chooses to go to this one hospital for check ups and/or medical issues over some private clinic (though he can now well afford the more expensive elite private clinics) all because he feels indebted to its doctors and the medical staff for their professionalism shown towards his late mother during her frequent visits there.

    2. Yikes, sorry I removed my comment before seeing your reply.
      But yes, he's 饮水思源, 讲情讲义 person which makes him even more honourable and respectable.

  3. I too admire and respect him for his unwavering efforts to put in lots of meaning into his works. 

    Like just this one song《爸士》alone, he not only honours his father for his dedication towards family and work, the tie up with KMB could be his way of appreciating the company ll for their service to the public.

    Well done & keep it up and going!!

  4. I don't like the idea that a kid is slapped in a MV (bad Image)....

    1. I don't condone slapping a child in anger either but this slapping scene is taken out of context for story dramatization. Watch the uploaded full length video posted here.

    2. Updated: Steven's response concerning the slap. "When talking about him slapping his son in the mini movie, Steven emphasized, "That slap was fake. I myself do not support corporal punishment. In my whole life, Dad has only hit me once because I secretly went mountain climbing, and the housewife next door told on me. In the end, he gave me a 藤條炆豬肉 = English translation equivalent is "six of the best" usually hitting the bottom with either a feather duster or a a long rattan cane.