Friday, May 2, 2014

Listen live to HK radios

Steven will soon be making the rounds on HK radios, if interested listen to his interviews live on the below listed radio stations.

1) CRHK -- Commercial Radio Hong Kong  **(Daily Program List)
2) RTHK - click on radio for drop box;  select channel; click 收聽 MP3 on 網上直播 
3) FM99.7 or streaming
4) listen to it live -- various hk radio stations

5) mainland - Qingting fm live
香港电台一台 RTHK radio1
香港电台二台 RTHK radio2
香港电台五台RTHK radio5
香港电台三台RTHK radio3
香港电台四台RTHK radio4
香港电台普通话台RTHK Mandarin
雷霆881 (CRHK 881)
叱咤903 (CRHK chik chak)
Option: listen CRHK live---

For non Hong Kong residents, here are two ways to listen to CRHK live online, just follow the instructions on this page.  The IE browser works better for me than Firefox or Chrome.

Below are my steps to listen to CRHK programs live online.
-- open CRHK webpage
-- click the  網上直播 (streaming) button at the top of the webpage.
-- non-members can't listen to reruns


 -- 2 choices of online listening methods via:
A) Windows Media Player (WMP) or RealPlayer (RP)
B) Hong Kong Toolbar

--  scroll down to bottom right. In the channel menu box below click either WMP icon or Real icon next to your program. Follow the series of dialog instructions to open or save the link.

Via Hong Kong Toolbar
--- click here to download and install Hong Kong Toolbar to your computer.
--- Choose pc/apple/mobile as preference
----Scroll down the page to the bottom dl box
--- click the dl button on bottom right


-- Follow the English instruction to dl. The downloaded file is most likely be stored in Program Files in your computer. Click the file 881903.  After installation, click View for drop box --->Toolbars---> Hong Kong Toolbar- select program choice to listen live

--- appears on top of the webpage. Wait for it to connect, when done click the right bottom button to start the listening.

Hong Kong toolbar FAQ link

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  1. Wow? How thoughtful you are to list all these ways! Thanks!