Monday, May 12, 2014

Steven's not feeling well in his concert

credit 蓉蓉細語  May 12 22:16   Steven keeping fit

May 11 16:47  The concert has ended, my thanks to all who were there for their support and enthusiasm. I'm very happy! Thank you to friends and little piggies for their concern. My health has improved, at least it did not affect my performance (actually it did a little la. This got to be the most times I messed up my lyrics.) But, I'm truly grateful to have successfully completed the show!  Aside, I want to send in my belated Mother's Day's best wishes; wishing mothers everywhere peace, good health and happiness, and also hope my mother in heaven heard me sing「倦」for her. May 11 22:40 I've had diarrhea for two days consecutively so of course become thinner! Don't worry, I'm fine now after my sleep. 

May 10 10:35   I already had a stomach ache on the eve of departure, and it got worse when I got to America. So painful I could hardly stand up straight. Fortunately, I've brought along some relief medicines. Today, the condition has improved. The show is tomorrow, hope the pain will leave soon! Praying! ..p.s. did not drink any coffee or coke; food intake went down; milk drinking went up. Suddenly thin again...

May 8 17:34  Despite a fitful sleep last night the eyes looked even bigger. haha! Getting ready to leave for the Atlantic City concert, hope everything goes well!

note: From the wenweipo news report, looks like Steven had a bad case of food poisoning - bad enough when it happened at home but must worse in Steven's case. 

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