Monday, May 12, 2014

Steven Ma wasn't well in Atlantic City concert, thanks friends & fans for their concern

Steven Ma was invited by Caesars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, USA, as the celebrity performer for its Mother’s Day program. (sic. along with Niki Chow)  Given his extensive performing experiences in the US, this concert should be a breeze for him but unfortunately that was not the case. The night before his Hong Kong departure Steven did not get much sleep because of a stomach ache and diarrhea. He suspected it must be something he ate that night. He said: “I've had bad stomachaches before but none as severe as this. I suspect it's caused by something I ate the night before departure. But since I had to get on a plane I could only take some Chinese herbal tea and pain medicine for stomach ache for relief.  In flight, I only drank water and dared not eat anything.  I thought I would get better after resting for 10 hours or more inside the plane but when it landed I was still sick."

Fortunately, he came to Atlantic City two days earlier to prepare for his concert. He stayed in his hotel room and slept for a day and half.  In the beginning, his condition got so bad that just drinking a sip of water would make him have diarrhea, so he could only drink vitamin water for supplements.  He gradually got better just before the show started. When he looked in the mirror he was shocked to see himself looking so thin that his cheeks so sunken.  Steven assiduously prayed for a speedy recovery, and he thanked friends and fans who did the same for him, and also for their show of support and concern.

Still not fully recovered Steven held his concert. He was much gratified by his audience’s enthusiastic reception despite him not in his normal tip-top condition. He said: "Recently my body has repeatedly sounded the alarm, and friends have constantly reminded me to take care of my health but due to a busy workload I have neglected it. During the few days I rested in Atlantic City lying on the bed with a stomachache so severe I didn't want to do anything at all, I realized through firsthand experience that good health is indeed the greatest wealth of all. When I get back to Hong Kong I will certainly have another physical check-up.”

Steven’s condition got better after his concert.  He stayed back for an extra few days in Atlantic City to relax and explore. He bought several t-shirts and hats but what made him most happy was his chance encounter with his most beloved teddy bear “Ted”. Besides his frenzied purchases of stuffed toys, he also bought a gummy bear candy that was the size of his own head!

Note: I did not appreciate that movie all that much myself so can't understand Steven's love for that crude bear. 

pix/news source: orientaldaily May-12-2014 ; ; wenweipo;   singapo

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