Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cherish (Vol. 2) album's official date June 12th .

今天 12:39 Finally received the finished product; inexplicably moved. My thanks to the Cherish 2 production team members.  So great to have you all on board! p/s Official sale date June 12th. Hope everybody will like it.  And also hope our humble effort will delight and move you, and fill each day with a positive energy! Best wishes to all!

The top 15 people to get the answer correct and have the most transfers will get one of the key chains or autographed cd cover.

Steven's 2014 new Cherish (Vol. 2) album will be officially released on June 12.  In conjunction with the album release, there will be a quiz contest for participants to win an exquisite bus key chain. The contest details will be posted on June 12 on Steven's official  True Star Hong kong weibo (出色堂小馬工作室). Other quiz contests will follow with different prizes for winners including autographed cd and signed posters. The quiz contest is open to all participants so long they provide an address to where the prizes can be sent to them.

Congratulations to Steven for another work of love! Looking forward to listening to his new cd. 


  1. The album looks nice. I just preorder the album can't wait to see the album hope all the song is good hehe

  2. I preorder my a week ago. Can't wait for it to arrive. Too bad there are only eight songs and one is a Mandarin version.