Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Updated 2014-6-26: Assorted tv news reports at Takungpao banquet event

粤夜粤娱乐 6-26-2014

TVB ET News 6-25-2014

TVB executive, Virginia Lok, Tsang Sing Ming (TVB's director of external affairs), Steven Ma, Moon Lau (劉佩玥)and Tammy Ou-Yeung (歐陽巧瑩) etc attended "Ta Kung Pao" 《大公報》112th anniversay celebration banquet held at HKCEC last night (Jun 23).  Hong Kong Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying (梁振英), and the deputy director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, Yang Jian were also among the esteemed newspaper's 500+ invited guests.

Steven divulge his 2nd half of the year work schedules. He says he is very grateful to friends for their show of support for his tentative movie scheduled for production at year end.  He says two artists have already verbally agreed to participate in his movie but until their contracts are finalized he won't divulge their names just yet.

June -- finishes up with his album promotion
July -- in mainland for an unrevealed project (not movie or tv series); company will officially announce the project in due time.
August - Malaysia concert - 3 nights; will be in mainland to film a movie.
December -- film his own movie (tentative) Two artists have verbally agreed to be in the cast

Let's brainstorm on what Steven's mysterious July project in mainland that takes up the whole month of July could be.
--- concert tour
----  judge in some mainland game show
------- stage play
--------- charity show 
-----------another mini movie
------------ cooking show
-------------- any other ideas?

Can't believe TVB ET news gave Steven a lengthy 2:33 minute screen time. Woah! Lol! Interesting that VL made the first move to approach Steven for a group photo; very suspicious, don't u think? 

onTV news part 1 2014-6-23 Steven's deflects question on love

onTV news part2 6-23-2014

source: hkdaily news
tvb ET news - Steven's segment only
ontv interview1 on work  ; 56.com upload
ontv interview2 (on love life) ; 56.com upload


  1. It's a form of happiness to be busy for the things you love to do so i'm happy for Steven! : ) But meanwhile, I hope he will take really good care of himself (No more injuries please! ><)! As for the interview on his love life, i'm guessing why is he so secretive about it? Haha! Because i remembered few years back, he openly declared that he wanted to patch up with his longtime gf, Vivan. Maybe this time he has started a new r/s that's why he's so secretive about it?? :P

    1. Secretive -- well, he was pretty upfront in this interview: "It's tough being my girlfriend" ** http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2014/06/circles-steven-ma-its-tough-being-my.html **so it maybe that he is bored/fed-up with answering the same topic than being secretive esp. since V is probably still mad at him. I guess his public declaration of love to win back V’s heart though worked the first time may not necessary work the second time.

      Two years ago Steven publicly announced their official break-up in his radio interview with Eileen Cha; this time he still labels their relationship as "favorable/fine" (良好) for now, just that he has no idea how/where their relationship will end up. Fala was the one who hinted that Steven is single during their during promotion.

      Inferring from his recent interviews, I think it is more of V calling the shots in their troubled relationship with an ultimatum: either we get married pronto or our relationship is over. But Steven stands firm on a two year delay to marriage so as to get his new company on its feet first, hence their current relationship though not broken, is hanging by a thread up-in-the-air .Steven wants both marriage and career but when push comes to shove he chooses career over love. Steven has always intimated his feeling so far for V has not changed, and even in the video above he asserts that V is a very important person in his life. If V comes around, Steven is probably still there waiting for her with open arms because Steven being the man he is, probably feels he owes her and has every intention of marrying her if she will still have him.

    2. Wah, I guess this is the best explanation of the story between the two if it's true? But as what I saw from some threads in Baidu, some comments stated that he's gay and uses V to cover up all along? How is that true??? :/

    3. I don't believe Steven is gay. He has introduced Vi to Catherine Tsang, Tsui Yong Yong, Fala Chen, Sonija Kwok, and Helen Ma to name a few based on news reports, and of course to his father and family members. On one hand, he's reportedly gay, on the another hand, he reportedly had a crush on Ada, of him being salty pig trotters on Rain Li during their Latin dance, and of course there's his and Sonija's infamous scandal. His gay rumor first surfaced because of his close friendship with his ex-manager, Frankie Fan. Steven has already clarified on that matter and I believe him. For me, his sexual orientation is least of my concern.

      news 2007 "H: The homosexual accusation, was that the most damaging rumor?

      S: As of today, there is no one such rumor that can truly hurt me. Frankie (his ex-manager) was my mentor. When I first entered the industry, he signed me up for 7 years, which was later extended to 3 more years. During this period, he developed and took care of me. He is a very attentive man, maybe that’s how the misconception started. To me, he was a very good manager. There’s no reason to end our contract just because of the rumors. Whatever rumors about me will not influence me. So long, I take responsibility for my work, who I’m with is of no concern to anybody."

    4. Haha the main concern of ours is for him to be happy! That's how the entertainment industry works, they reports all stuffs, be it true or false. I'm so glad that Steven, based on his years and experience in this industry, he can see thru many things and won't let them bring him down easily. : ) Is there one report whereby Sonjia said that if there is not a misunderstanding between the two of them, they will long have a child of big age?


    5. Like I say, Steven is a man of contrast - he can be naive at the same time shrewd. Sonija was just jesting when she made that comment, I think.

  2. Besides of his busy schedules till end of this, I hope he is careful with whatever activity he do, as you know, his often injured. Recently, few interviews shows that he quite secretive about his gf, maybe he is unsure of his relationship with her. Im just guessing who are the two artist friends that acting in his own film movie. Im hoping Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung la..just can't wait for his own film movie..

    Penang, Malaysia.

    1. I really hope one of the two will be tavia yeung! Hoping to finally see a happy ending for the both of them haha! : ) Let's wait patiently for the news to be released! And also, one day whereby we will hear good news for Steven's big day! ��

    2. I can bet they are not Tavia or Linda because TVB would never release them to help out Steven. I think they are Fala Chen and Petrina Fung Bo Bo (as his late mother). Steven had openly said that Bo Bo is the perfect person to act his mother but as far as I know, she had declined his persistent offer. 「寶寶姐,我想你演我媽媽,只有你我認為會演得最好。」馬浚偉已經向寶寶說了很多次,但她老不肯拍。http://eunicelam112.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-post_888.html

    3. (re: latest video clip) Even after listening to Steven's undeterred hope to film mv with his two other sisters, Tavia and Linda, I'm skeptical that TVB will support his wish.

  3. I've a request to make of those who have so kindly drop in with your comments - would you mind signing in with another name other than Anonymous? I get so confuse as to who I'm addressing since there are various people signed under that name. lol! Much appreciate!

  4. Hi Tamaya!

    Thanks for keeping us updated about Steven and his latest plans -- I know we can always count on you for the latest information! The amount of time you devote to your blog is definitely admirable -- so dedicated! In comparisons, I've been such a slacker on my blog... :-(

    Anyway...I'm also wondering who those 2 artists will be. I also doubt that they will be any TVB contracted artists, as I'm also skeptical about TVB's willingness to lend their artists to help Steven...the only way it will happen in my opinion is if TVB tries to use this as a 'collateral' of sorts to make him return the favor later on (i.e. return to film a series for them later on, since his last series with them was pretty well-received). Ah well...I guess we'll find out soon enough....

    1. Hiya llwy12, thanks for dropping in. Honestly I've been slacking off too on my blog lately. In the past I used to translate almost all of Steven's weibo posts and also transcribe his radio and tv interviews but I've gotta lazy plus busier work load and fine weather all contributed to my slacking off.

      Maybe one of them is Vivian Chow? Maybe I'm cynical, but honestly I'm often surprised by Steven's 'naivety'. Just because his verbal promises are as good as written words he thinks that sentiment holds true too for other people. Will see!