Sunday, June 8, 2014

Steven Ma's 「爸士」 Official MV

Love it!

Father Bus
With him, the road we traveled together
Accompanied me, counting each and every street light
When young, I didn't understand
Industrious him, carrying the burden for the whole family

Never, heard him express his feelings
How, though weary he scared to let me know
For him, the biggest ambition in life
Was to feed his family, so he worked indefatigably

Child looking at father, his hardship do you know?
The years in the rear mirror, how much blood and sweat can dissolve (them)?
Let me  say this again, a most direct avowal to thank him
That (I'll) protect the family my whole life

Life, even though it hasn't been easy for him
Worries, laugh them off like old ashes
The years under the wheels, each day a similar story
Working hard to make a living


Today, he spends his days doing trivial stuff
Reminding me, remember to let go of worrisome issues  
On the rocking chair, seeing his most genuine smiling face
Looking at life rushing by, (I/we) must cherish the next time even more

------ Chinese ----

爸士 (廣東話版) 3'40"
曲:Johnny Yim 
編/監: Johnny Yim

和他 一起走過的公路
陪我 把街燈逐串細數
年輕 的我未明白到
勤勞的他背起 一家的苦惱

從不 聽到他說出心事 
何以 他辛苦也怕我知
而他 這一生那大志
但求一家吃飽 他依足倦透的班次 

孩兒望爸爸 辛酸知道嗎
讓我再講一聲 最坦率一句答謝他

人生 他即使過得不易
煩惱 笑一笑像前塵往事
歲月輪軚 每一天故事也相似

孩兒望爸爸 辛酸知道嗎
讓我再講一聲 最坦率一句答謝他

如今 他天天幹些瑣事
提我 記得要淡忘煩惱事
在搖搖椅 看他的笑臉最真摯
望著生命飛馳 更要珍惜下次