Friday, June 27, 2014

VIP Today 6-27-2014

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related weibo entry:6月17日 15:11 Shooting VIP Today. Met up with show's host, Derek Lee, who I've not seen for a long time. The recording process was filled with laughter.   [哈哈]  拍攝今日VIP, 遇上多年沒見的名主持Derek lee ,訪問過程笑翻天


  1. Thanks for uploading it Tamaya! Since I missed it, I got the chance to watch it here. And like you commented me on weibo on how charming Steven told his story. I totally agree to that.

    It was cute but funny when Steven imitated his father's laughter ahhahahaha

  2. You're welcome. Though have heard his tale of thrice broken teeth, his reactions and mirth made it fun to listen and watch. And yeah, his imitation of his father's laugh made me laugh too. hahaha. Actually I can so relate to his 'slip-sliding/skating' on powdered floor on stockinged feet. When young, my siblings and I did that too. Very enjoyable. lol!

  3. Tks for the video upload, I like him tell his story one after another, so touching and got sense of humour, especially when he talked about his broken teeth, really funny oh, lol!!


  4. Thanks for upload, tamaya. I found a place where you guys can download this video. It is in 1080HD rmvb format.

    Just go to this link-->

    1. Thanks, Amy. Actually my source is also HD, just that my blogger upload is inferior to my source. So even if I dl from your source or from any 1080 HD source, the quality of my blogger upload is still not as good. Do click on the source for better quality. I think your source uploaded is the same as mine:

      I would venture to say tvboxnow is the originating source for the uploaded videos in many websites and forums.

  5. Ya I noticed that too. Actually, I like to dl all his video into my laptop. Easier for me to repeat watching in future. Regarding the source of the video I'm not sure is it same with urs.

  6. Amy, the links are the same uploaded by the same person but on different sites. Based on their posting times, tvboxnow at 6-27-2014 07:48 PM is earlier by a mere 1 second to your source. So, tvboxnow can be said to be the originating source. lol!


    your source:

    Please don't misunderstand that I'm quibbling with you over mere details, I'm not; just clarifying, that's all. And I do appreciate your informing me of another source to dl videos.