Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NowTV 《E+Focus》Steven Ma's new cd has Love as its theme

《E+Focus》馬浚偉 推出以愛為主題嘅新專輯
Actual interview date is June 17 2014.
Uploaded date on youtube is July 1st 2014

related weibo June 17 2014 by host, Vincent Choi 蔡誌恩
 6月17日 13:30: Thank you bro for accepting the interview, and also very grateful to be included in your new MV. Wish new album Cherish 2 can enable more people to feel love! [給力] [鼓掌]  6月17日 13:30 Bro Choi, thank you for your friendship performance, also thank King Kong, Brian Wong (黃澤鋒) and mui, Fala too. Very happy!  蔡弟兄多謝你友情演出,還有King Kong, 澤鋒,加埋個妹法拉,真快樂!


  1. Wah hair style..not bad this time..and the shirt fit his body, look macho. I'm so happy that I have received Cherish 2 CD which was sent by my friend from Hong Kong to me, l like all the song and every morning before go to work, I will listen to his CD, feel full of LOVE...feel blessed.Btw, will he come out with Cherish 3 later? haha..

  2. Heehee! Actually though only published July 1 the interview recording was shot on June 17. So his latest hairstyle is the one when he had in the mooncake ad. He is looking really good these days.

    After 12 days from its release I finally received my cd in the mail. I like all the songs too but my absolute favorite got to be 《憐憫我》. Its vibe reminds me of The Lord's Prayer and Ave Marie. And Steven singing of his plea to Almighty God above was well done. Bravo!

  3. Tks Tamaya for sharing...Another song "默然“ also nice.Ya, I agree with you, Steven singing of his plea to Almighty God above was very well done, and the song is created by a girl and he asked her permission to sing the song. I just can't wait for his concert at Genting World in Aug '14.I plan to bring my Cherish 1 & 2 for his signature, hopefully can get his signature la..haha.

    1. Wendy, honestly, Steven's deep melodious voice and his singing elevated the songs, which if sung by others may not be as engaging. Yea, I heard the tale of how he got hold of 《憐憫我》for his album. How exciting and gratifying it must have been to have Steven approached her for the rights to her song. Best of luck to you in getting Steven's signatures -- fingers crossed!