Thursday, July 24, 2014

Updated 7/25 /2014 Studio recording of "技行天下"

July 24 2014 Steven and 2 other judges recorded the first episode of the Guangdong reality tv show 技行天下 with live audience. Video clip: 

credit above pix to guangdong tv news site
more pix on sm baidu

Rant: What's with Steven's penchant for an overly tan look?  Doctor: "Whether the tanning exposure is indoors or outdoors, ultraviolet exposure over time causes what doctors call "photo aging," or wrinkles and a leathery look." In other words, excessive tanning causes premature aging - that's a fact,  and what's more, Steven's dark tan does not enhance his appearance at all, on the contrary the dark skin ages him.

link to onsite pix

-- more  in studio photos ---
-----competition result ---

Steven's team lost


  1. I actually thinks he looks better with some color than when he's kind of pasty white.

  2. True, a bit of healthy tan color is good - but I think Steven went overboard with his recent tanning. His skin now looks leathery and his complexion, 'oily'. That tan color is way too dark, imho.

    1. Like Calvin's healthy tan complexion in 7 days in life, neither pasty white nor charcoal tan. His current tan is so dark his facial features sorta all blend together. lol!