Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NOTICE: Steven Ma baidu 10/26 birthday magazine in progress

SM baidu 【清浚出尘】〖通知〗1026庆生特刊 素材征集!希望大家积极; (sm weibo) cordially requests fan contributions for its SM 10/26 birthday magazine special issue. The dateline for submission is October 7 2014 but can be extended for extenuating circumstances.  Fans can choose to either submit materials on steven ma baidu forum (must be registered) or on steven ma baidu weibo.  The magazine committee is currently seeking image editors and copy-editors for this birthday project.
Note: To post on sm baidu, prefix each post with 【清浚出尘】〖庆生〗and tag  @浚在我心 . (Just copy and paste the 2 prefixes, and the name tag) 
Materials include but not limited to the following: 
1) Birthday wishes in all mediums - words, photos, graphics etc. Post all birthday      wishes on this birthday wishes thread

2) Birthday wishes limit to about 500 words

3) Birthday images: gifs, graphics, ps images, essay scans, screencaps etc

4)  Birthday fanvids

5)  Me and Steven:  a) Images: SM collectibles/keepsakes such as group photo, album, photo, magscan, postcards etc. b) written words/essays 

6) Movie : "Next Station, I love you" review; movie stub scan

7) Album: Cherish 1 & 2 review/commentary; album scan

8) Fan on-location visit essay (no word limit) : 《技行天下》,《年代秀》, concerts, promotions, etc

9) TV series: Storm in a Cocoon《守业者》critique, commentary, review etc

10) others

related material: fans birthday handicrafts

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