Friday, November 14, 2014

News 11-14 2014 Steven Ma attending a Cantonese Opera show

Last night Loong Kin Sang [龍劍笙(阿刨)] held her Cantonese opera show《任藝笙輝念濃情》in memory of her mentor Yam Kim Fai ( 任劍輝) at the HK Cultural Center. Many artistes including Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying, Teresa Cheung and her husband, and Steven Ma attended her show.

Steven says when he heard that Loong was having the opera he immediately called up the organizer (tn: Tsui YY) to get him a ticket. He says that the last time he saw Loong was way back in Canada, when he was out there on a gig.  At the time his (former) colleague/friend  (tn: probably Tsui Yong Yong) had a brunch appointment with Loong so he tagged along, as having lunch with Loong was indeed even harder than winning the lottery.  Since then they had not met so he truly cherishes her show tonight.  (Q: Are you going to surreptitiously observe and learn the (opera) skills from her? 偷師) Steven says it is impossible to 'steal' skills from her; she's that good.  When asked about adding shows, Steven says she should and hopes that she would, so as not to disappoint her fans who could not make it tonight.  Stevens says he hopes to meet with Loong backstage after the show to take a picture with her. (Q: So you want to collect Bao Jie stamp?) Steven says: Definitely!

When asked about his present situation he said recently he was in Taiwan on vacation, and that later he would be filming a tv series in mainland.  When asked about the recent news on TVB plans to completely overhaul the Children's program, and on TVB executive, Sandy Yu's  'blood transfusion' shake-up plan of firing 5% employees annually, and later hiring 5% new employees to replace them, Steven says he has heard of it.  He says: "Though I'm no longer a TVB employee but my sentiment towards it remains. I hope TVB will retain some of the current employees. We all have sentiment for the company, and support reforms but I hope TVB will also take into account the human aspect too. 

Steven's weibo response: 今天 14:19
Pao Jie's performance last night was incredible. A 100 thousand likes! The two newcomer performers were also excellent, add oil! P.S. I did not collect Pao Jie stamp, instead I was 'collected' by many jiejie. (older sisters)  昨晚刨姐演出簡直無得頂,十萬個like! 兩位新人也很好,加油!p.s.我昨晚集唔到刨姐郵,不過就比好多姐姐集咗[哈哈]

Note: Haha! The 'stamp collector' became the "stamp collected".  The analogy of the Cantonese coined phrase, "stamp collection" (集郵) is that instead of stamps, people can collect other stuff to add to their collections. In this case, Steven wanting to take photos with Loong to add to his photos collection of famous people. 

video clip: on.ccontv; i-cable; headline poptv
source: appledaily 11/14/2014 07:30 無綫大換血 馬浚偉:希望可以顧到情   ;


  1. LOL! Yup, I saw Steven's response on Weibo and laughed so hard. Such a great response! :-)

    I'm not into Cantonese opera at all (I'm the type who almost always fast-forwards the Cantonese opera segments during those TVB charity shows), but even I've heard of Loong Kin Sang and how great of a Cantonese opera singer/performer she is. Glad that Steven got the chance to go to her show (though too bad he didn't get to "collect her stamp"...hehehe...).

    1. Me too heard of her name and of that of her mentor. Yeah, too bad Steven did not get to "collect her stamp" especially cool if she was in full make-up and opera costume.