Friday, November 14, 2014

Annoying flashbacks on pitnol

Absolutely, definitely, positively agree with the following episodic excerpts as they were my exact feelings during viewing - so sick and tired of continuous flashbacks, praying to 'lou tin yeh yeh' every few minutes, more flashbacks and the deliberate missing of each other. Indeed, pitnol is a very prolonged and exasperating, draggy series.

Blogger's episodic reviews on Perish in the name of Love
Blogger's overall review on Pitnol. 

After about 5 minutes of their flashbacks  [..]And then of course we are back to that flashback scenes. Please I GET IT! THEY'RE MEANT FOR ONE ANOTHER! THEY FEED ON EACH OTHER'S LOVE TO GO ON AND ON AND ON. Now can we move on?????


 More flashbacks, sick to my bone. 


FLASHBACKS again! I am sick, sick, sick with young Sai Hin and youngCheung Ping flirting and lovey dovey.  

There is no longer any flashbacks but worse now, we have Turn Left Turn Right, that is Cheung Ping turns right and Sai Hin will walk left, more slow mo, 

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