Wednesday, November 12, 2014

News 2014 Nov Steven believes Lee Chong Wei's doping to be accidental

Steven's weibo message to Lee 11月9日 23:48
"Lee Chong Wei, I want to tell you this. I've watched your past matches with Lin Dan, truth be told, I rooted for my national shuttler, Lin Dan, to win, and he did not disappoint. Your losses notwithstanding, in my eye and that of many badminton fans, you too are also an exceptional professional shuttler, and likewise admired by many. I absolutely believe that in this doping incident you took the drug by mistake. I absolutely believe in your professionalism and your sportsmanship spirit.  I hope you will face this matter bravely, and take each step forward with positiveness and vigor. I look forward to seeing you again on the ball court. Lee Chong Wei, add oil!"

相信禁药纯属误服 港星声援盼勇敢面对

Kuala Lumpur November 12 2014
Hong Kong artist, Steven Ma, openly expresses his support for Lee Chong Wei on weibo, and that he totally believes in Lee's character and hopes the latter will face this matter with courage and positiveness.  On his weibo, Steven asserts that like Lee's fans, he too thinks that Lee is an exceptional professional shuttler with incredible (badminton) techniques.  He believes Lee's consumption of illegal drug is purely by mistake.

August 30th. In Lee's doping test taken during the World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, the banned drug, Dexamethasone, was found positive in his test result.  Dexamethasone does not enhance performance. (note: refer wiki for Dexamethasone uses)

BWF (Badminton World Federation) has provisionally suspended Lee until his hearing whereby he would know whether he would be banned for two years or have the ban reduced.


source: Malaysia's Oriental Daily News FB

Note: I truly appreciated how Steven so diplomatically and shrewdly worded his support for Lee. To forestall rabid 'nationalistic' mainland netizens playing their 'patriotic' card and having his support of Lee twisted into some political statement, Steven made it distinctly clear from the start that his loyalty naturally lies with his countryman, Lin Dan. This way his heartfelt message to Lee will not be tainted by any ridiculous political controversy but a straightforward support of an avid badminton fan to a much admired badminton sportsman. That extra sensitivity in his writing is prudent as there may be still some lingering prejudice mainland people have towards Malaysia because of the recent MAS tragedy.

Aside, though I'm no medical personnel but from what I read via google, Dexamethasone seems more like a pain reliever drug than a performance enhancing drug, that being said BWF must have a good reason for banning that drug.  Anyway, I hope Lee can clear his name but even so, sad to say, once news or image got on the internet, there they stay forever, truth and falsehood juxtaposed or interweaved.

Lastly, since Steven mentions Lee's character, I wonder how well he knows Lee on a personal level to warrant such faith in Lee's innocence.  

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