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added 11/13/2015 blogger's review

Blogger's episodic reviews on Land of Wealth
Still reading her reviews, but so far agree with her pov esp. on MC as a log of wood in his performance and her delight in Steven's performance.
Steven Ma was excellent in my opinion. His gallantry, his gentlemanly Sung Man is so attractive I find Steven Ma very handsome in here. I find his Sung Man such a good man and as I have said for the past 7 episodes I hope he doesn't turn out bad. I hope the writers will not junk-afied Sung Man.
ep 24 What a drama this series is getting on to be, not that I am complaining. But I must say I really admire John Chiang and Moses Chan; no matter what happens, whatever the drama, whatever the sorrow, however momentous the situation, more for John Chiang than Moses anyway, they basically have the same facial expression! It took the deaths of his entire family (well his character's family) to die for Moses to show a real change of facial expression and for John Chiang, a near heart attack or his wife supposedly cheating on him (his character, by the way). Other than that, these two I shall now declare are woods, trees in fact, just different grades. Like an oak tree or a meranti or whatever. Anyway, move on with the summary, exciting stuff...
ep 25 The 2 best performances tonight had to be Steven Ma for his heart wrenching performance of the lovelorn and misunderstood Sung Man and the fantastic Tavia Yeung who have class and some fine acting for her Jun. The scene where she accused Sung Man was great, so was the scene where Sung Man stood there and looked at her go. These two played off each other well and their parting was sad too. Fantastic performances by these 2.


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