Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Song requests for Steven's concerts

Steven is soliciting song requests on weibo for his  upcoming concerts. I'd rather Steven sing more of his own songs than songs by other singers. And definitely, positively time to retire  his Shanghai Bund medley.

My song request playlist for now:

不再悲观无情雨似是水中花不应该发生共同进退雪在飘怜悯我靜待那天, 我要结婚了不遇见如愿想飞天意心窍变天亲情一起走过的日子从头再来命硬海鸥沉默是金李香兰沧海一声笑明天会更好掌声响起

eta: others: 心照 遥远的她 只因有祢, 生命因愛動聽, 情人的小说, 回忆, (Perish in the name of Love playlist): 1) 帝女芳魂 2) 錯認 3)兵车还 4 萬民萬家都好漢


  1. Like all tte songs on your request list. Like to add on to your list are 只因有祢, 生命因愛動聽, 情人的小说, 回忆 & theme songs from Perish in the name of Love. Thanks

    1. Actually, there are many songs I like, including yours, missing from the list. I really like the harmonious 只因有祢 a cappella on cd but the 2013 live singing to me was honestly bad. By himself Steven couldn't achieve that harmony in the song so had to have backup singers to achieve the harmony effect, but maybe due to limited rehearsals the group synergy and harmony was off and their (even Steven's) singing sounded flat, rushed, monotonous, and well, not pleasingly harmonious at all, sorry to say. Their singing dragged and lasted too long.

      Judge for yourself.

  2. 加入《 遥远的她》? 他在《当旺爸爸》第十一集里示范给 ah yap 唱这首歌时; 唱得多动听啊! 可惜只有唱得那麼一点点, 就被他的老爸周聪关掉视频。唉!