Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taipei - 2015 march weibo

From Laos to Taipei

Mar 10 22:12  Rainy Taipei, super cold. Hide away in gym; smart move!

Eta: Coincidentally or not, Stephen Chan (陳志雲) was also in Taipei at the same time (FB) as Steven himself. These two have become really tight friends. Incidentally, Stephen was also involved in Steven's 2 Cherish albums. Wonder if they met up in Taipei to enjoy the food scene together.


ETA: 3/22/2015 Chance meeting of Steven at Taipei Tao Yuan Airport. Pls do not repost the edited pix below online. credit original pix to SM fans forum fb


  1. Hey! I was in Taipei on the 9th but later moved on to Nantou. What a pity no chance of bumping into our dear Kah Yeung aka Sam Siu there. Back to Taipei on the 13th but supposed he had already left. Haha as if I will definitely bumped into him like that.

    1. Some lucky person did spot him at the Taipei Tao Yuan Airport and even took a photo with him. https://www.facebook.com/571888206291238/photos/a.576906032456122.1073741831.571888206291238/670276536452404/?type=1&theater

    2. Tamaya. Can't view the photo 呀! So sad.

    3. The March 11 post seems to have been deleted from the site "Steven Ma Chun Wai 馬浚偉 Fans Forum" Facebook. But fret not, search its photo page. Scroll down the photo page until you see the pix of Steven with a woman and her daughter at Taipei Tao Yuan airport. If still can't see the photo, tell me. I'll upload the photo here with the woman's and daughter's faces blot out.


  2. Sorry. Still not able to see.有劳您上载了,方便的话。谢谢您。

  3. Thanks Tamaya for uploading the picture.