Friday, March 6, 2015

Weibo March 5th 2015 Where is Steven?

3月5日 22:56  Never thought I would be in this city, at this place on Lantern Festival  day (15th day of Lunar New Year), a bit strange but I quite like it! Made it in time to wish everyone a "Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!" (chap goh mei in Malaysia and Singapore)  沒想到元宵佳節會在這城市這地方。有點新奇、也有點歡喜!趕得上向大家說句中國情人節快樂!

TN: Speculations abound on the whereabouts of Steven in this photo. I guess he is most likely somewhere in Thailand based on the Thai e signboards.  I like how the photo depicts a bygone era feel.  Somehow Steven looks incongruous with the b&w background, in fact, he looks like he has been teleported/transported onto this backwater place as an observer. A galaxy hitchhiker maybe? Anyway, he sure looks good! 

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