Monday, May 11, 2015

Updated video: Steven Ma as guest at ATV for a talk show

20150424粤夜粤娱乐 Steven's news clip only

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First posted Apr 23, 2015

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source appledaily 2015 April 23


on.cc東網專訊 with video】 藝人馬浚偉入行多年首次踏進亞視,以嘉賓身份錄影節目《下一站諾富》。他表示不擔心無綫會「小器」,因為與無綫沒有合約在身,現在是自由身。而他亦禮貌和尊重地知會了曾勵珍,無綫始終是他娘家。問到亞視經濟不景,是次活動有否酬勞?他表示沒有任何酬勞,因為活動是宣揚福音,覺得很有意義,價錢不是重點。


  1. Good for you, Steven! This is the beauty of being a free artist -- you can do whatever you want. And I definitely admire Steven for still letting TVB know out of respect...though we all know it probably won't matter whether he notifies them or not, since they will still "retaliate" if they want to.

  2. Precisely. Anyway Tvb had not been treating Steven fairly during his tenure with them all along. His past dramas were most of the time scheduled in the unfavourable time slots. There is a term for this time slot but forgotten what is the term. Will not be surprised that they will retaliate.

    1. They are called 炮灰档期 (cannon fodder time slot). I dubbed them "graveyard slot".

  3. Thank you Tamaya for your enlightenment.

  4. He against the giant tv production house. His only option is 'take it or leave it' and he choose to leave.

    1. I don't think Steven is against giant TV production house, (TVB) but that his career at the time was going no way and underappreciated by human resources.

  5. I agree with Tamaya. Don't think he was in anyway against tvb. Like you reckon his career at that time was heading nowhere and be suppressed. Hence why not get out of the giant house and look for
    greener pasture and more fruitful opportunities. Think he has no regrets that he has left and that he is much happier now, no?