Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Updated with audio: radio interview May 11 2015

Chinese transcript by torrie_恩

【星級專訪 馬浚偉 】
*Date and time:  2015 May 11 (Mon) 10am-11am  【音樂同途】segment
Radio channel: AM1400粵語台
Online listening:  chineseradio.com
smartphone APP: sing tao tv
archive: chineseradio.com  program title:《音樂同途》

Eta: The time is the pacific time. ET is 1-2 pm, Monday.  Because of time difference, the time at HK, Malaysia and Singapore is 1-2 am on Tuesday.  Much thanks to SM fans forum -FB for the time difference heads up! 

original post: May 9, 2015


  1. Tamaya, thanks for uploading the interview. Look like Steven has many plans for the second half of the year - opening of a new tuition centre, new music album and movie - all good news to us :) and I am certainly looking forward to the music album to keep me company for the coming Winter.

    What a relief to hear that Steven mentioned that it is not necessary that he acts as a villian in his future drama series but prefer characters that challenge his acting capabilities. He gave an example of a movie/series character ...I didn't really get that, did you?

  2. Haiz! Steven has always have many reported plans but most remain just that - plans, so don't get your hopes too high. I recall reading about and listening to his many plans since leaving TVB, so for now, I'm maintaining a "wait and see" stance until he actually starts one of his many projects. I'm being a very pragmatic fan here.

    Steven did clarify in previous interviews that it is not so much acting a villain but a character who embodies real human traits as opposed to a 'righteous hero." As to his example - he was referring to the 2015 Oscars best picture + 3 other Oscars "Birdman". The character is neither villain nor hero, just a quirky, egoistical human being. I've watched Birdman, and it was ok; I didn't get the rave. I prefer "Boyhood" over Birdman.

    "In a battle of B-movies for best picture, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded "Birdman" best picture, opting for a movie that epitomizes much of Hollywood -- showy, ego-mad, desperate for artistic credibility -- over one ("Boyhood") that prized naturalism and patience. "

  3. To add on: Some of the non-villain roles that Steven has expressed great interest in portraying are: Xu Zhi Mo, and Damien Lau's old role - 金振西 (京華春夢 -Yesterday's Glitter)Anyway, as to that 'mysterious' project he wouldn't reveal until it's confirmed, I hope it's not another mainland reality show, especially not that 奔跑兄弟.

  4. Or any mainland reality celebrity singing competition shows because like all talent shows (celebrity or amatuer) anywhere in the world, the end results are not based on real talent but on popularity voting. Anyway, just no reality show, period.

  5. Tamaya, thanks for sharing again. I have watched Boyhood but not Birdman but from the trailer it looks interesting especially with Emma Stone in it, will try to catch it this summer.

    I think the music album will happen as Steven had said that he will have a new album every year ... hope we will not be disappointed. Also hope he will include his Cantonese version of the theme song from the movie "Next Station, I love you".

    Likewise, I am not fond of any reality show, be it US or mainland. Still hoping he will do HK drama series adopting US style drama series like Castle, Suits, Forever, Bones, Criminal Minds .... haha, mostly crime series. Saw that you are watching CSI too.

    1. Yes, I'm watching the newest CSI: Cyber -- so far the show is intriguing, depicting just how vulnerable the cyber world and our world are to unscrupulous hackers and evil men. That show makes me very paranoid. No info is safe on line. My brother watches Bones but I find that show slightly slow-going. I've watched like 3 episodes of Forever, it was ok but I've just too many shows to watch, so dropped that. I watch Criminal Minds on and off on reruns - the heinous crimes committed curdle my blood. Of course, there's also Law and Order. Haha! So many good tv shows to follow, thank goodness for my dvr but I can only record 2 shows simultaneously. I also like NCIS, NCIS-LA, Hawaii 5-0, Blacklist, Elementary, besides crime shows, I also enjoy The 100, S.H.E.I.L.D, and many others that are right now in hiatus but will return this Fall. There is this new show that is so underrated -- The American Odyssey -- it is an intense political thriller.

      So, do you think Beckett will run for the senate?

    2. Yes, there are too many good TV shows to watch here in the US. As for Beckett, doubt she will run for the senate unless they decide to end the show for good after next season.

  6. Though not much news, still good to hear his new interview. Thanks for uploading, Tamaya!