Monday, May 4, 2015

Weibo May 2015 - twins

今天 18:45
So, before my US concerts I had a meeting at I-study Fotan Branch. Met Teacher Carmen's two new students; 5-year-old Eurasian twins, Jack and Arron. Their Cantonese is amazingly fluent. (I) evaluated them as we played together. Both are bright and lively. They were happy but I was happier! Kids are naturally innocent and genuine. Thank you to you both for such a happy afternoon. Study hard!

是咁的,去美國演出前,要返學校IStudy火炭分校開會,遇上Carman老師的兩個新學生,5歲混血孖仔jack & arron,佢哋廣東話流利到不得了,和他們邊玩邊做評估,兩個聰明仔好活潑,佢哋好開心,其實我仲開心!小朋友就是純真無偽,多謝你倆帶比我這個快樂的下午,比心機讀書啊!

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