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Bumped up: 4/30/2015 How sloppy or cheap can TVB production get?

The omnipresent tvb phone# has appeared in numerous TVB series through the years, including four of Steven's tvb series. Aside, in a similar prop/idea recycling situation, see tvb costumes clash here . And then there is the omnipresent red rooster bowl that transcends all time periods and storylines. And then there is the same wedding ring used in many series. And the same actor (he's really a HK taxi driver but on call for a taxi driver role. ) acted the role of a taxi driver for 20 odd years in TVB series. Steven even mentioned that recycled taxi driver in mainland 2013 Generation Show.


Same phone numbers 99412388 for Steven's characters in 2001 On the Track or off, 2007 Brink of Law and 2010 Link to Temptations, top to bottom. credit: Baidu SM. The phone# later appeared in 7 Days in Life but used by another character, not him.

Besides Steven's TVB series, this phone# 99412388 also appeared frequently in other TVB series.  This phone#  omnipresence is well known among tvb fans way back when, as posted by this blogger, sm baidu, and again brought up today once more with a much longer list.  (4/30/2015 on baidu tvb)  Series including the following:

Other series:

Secret Of The Heart (天地豪情) Ada Choi
At the Threshold of An Era (创世纪) Kenix Kwok
The Criminal Investigator II (记实录2)  Bondy Chiu's modeling company
Legal Entanglement  (法网伊人) Kenix Kwok
The Ultimate Crime Fighter (通天干探) Moses Chan
The Mysteries of Love (谈情说案) Tavia Yeung
The Rippling Blossom (鱼跃在花见) Michael Tse
To Catch the Uncatchable (栋笃神探)

 2012 Come home, love.  Chris Lai Lok Yi (黎诺懿)
 2012 《4 in love》2nd episode Moses Chan

The Mysteries of Love  Tavia Yeung

 Ronnie (Series?)

 1997 Detective Investigation Files 3 Kenix Kwok

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