Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weibo June 9 Steven gave thanks for successful concerts

Steven thanks all those involved in making the concert a success.  Many thanks to Fallsview, Mango Productions, Carry  On band, and of course the awesome audience. And special thanks to his co-partner, Susanna, for a happy and successful collaboration. He hopes they will hold more concerts together soon, and most of all, to collaborate in a drama. 

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今天 13:59 和菊姐多倫多的兩場演唱會完滿成功!感恩主辦單位Fallsview和Mango Productions的每一位同事,Carry On樂隊的每一位,更要感謝現場的每位觀眾,你們給我們的掌聲和歡呼聲,真的是我始料不及的,所以真的多謝你們!當然最重要我要多謝菊姐,和妳合作我真的很開心很開心,期待未來和妳有更多的演唱會,更要一齊拍劇,一言為定啊!菊姐,我愛你啊


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