Monday, June 22, 2015

Updated Vid2: Steven Ma as guest in SZE U Tonight - 今晚睇李

tudou -
tudou - news 2
tudou - 20150624粤夜粤娱乐 start around 21:10
Chinese news source
English translation - link1; link2

Steven in studio recording of   SZE U Tonight - 今晚睇李 hosted by Johnson Lee

Gotta say the cut and fit of Johnson's suit (both jacket and pants with their razor sharp creases) looks perfect on him, but a thumb's down for Steven's whole look.  Johnson looks suave, stylish, dapper, totally well turned out while Steven's ensemble looks haphazard.

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  1. Hmmm....I wonder if Steven is going on the show because he is promoting something (does he have a new movie / series / project out?) or because of his friendship with Johnson Lee. Just curious, as Steven's name seems to be popping up quite a bit lately in relation to TVB, which is kind of odd when he's not associated with them anymore (can't help but think maybe he has an upcoming collaboration with them)....

    Anyway, I agree about Steven's ensemble looking haphazard -- he can definitely do way better (personally, I feel Steven is way better-looking than Johnson, but Johnson definitely trumps him in this instance). And what's with those shoes? Way too odd-looking with those thick soles....if I remember correctly, Hacken Lee wore similar shoes a few episodes back (though I think the soles on those shoes were even thicker) when he was on the show with Joey Yung and Johnson made fun of him saying that his feet looked like they were in a cast or something.

    1. Look wise and overall, Steven is definitely better looking than Johnson, but in the above pix, clothes definitely make the man - Johnson in his well-fitted jacket and pants looks sharp and smart, while Steven's outfit -- let's just say his mishmash / mismatched wardrobe style is not to my aesthetic taste . lol! Bad enough his pants pooled at his shoes looking so sloppy, but worse, highlighted his fugly shoes. Indeed, what's with those shoes? Remind me of those Chinese opera thick soled shoes/boots. That being said, both men have bad hair styles.

      By now, I know better than to believe news of Steven's 'upcoming' projects, even if it is from the horse's mouth himself, until the actual day of production. Anyway, read the above news/rumors -- that his and Fala Chen will be the main leads in NowTV 《舉世無雙》. I knew about Fala being rumored to star in that series but this is the first I read of Steven's probable participation.

  2. hi! Nice too meet u!!! I'm fan Steven, I come from VIETNAM ^^

    1. Welcome, Fala Anh of Vietnam! Thank you for dropping by to say hi.