Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kitchen's Secrets

2015 August 1st.
Steven Ma and Ma Li

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  1. The colour of this production is out of context. The color of the raw beef steak is like shocking pink, not natural at all. The entire atmosphere is too rowdy more like a party than a cooking show. Low standard production.

    1. Like most reality shows these days, cooking shows including, whether in China or the US, these so-called cooking shows (produced mainly as entertainment variety shows as opposed to real cooking shows) all strive to grab attention thru theatrics and contrived drama to snag ratings. If want real cooking shows that also inform and entertain simultaneously, then watch Steven's Apprentice Chef (1), Alton Brown - Good Eats, John Zimmern - Bizarre Foods, and cctv- A bite of China (舌尖上的中國) to name a few.

    2. I also enjoy watching Fox's Master Chefs