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Revised: YYP episode 1 summary

Revised summary write-up is on the currently airing episode nationwide, which is slightly different from that aired on local tv stations, length-wise and story sequence wise.

episode 1 
episode 2

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Tang Ting Xuan makes a late entrance as he struts nonchalantly across the room.

Episode 1 focuses on Shen Qi Jun (Eric Huang), Jin Yong En (Zhang Meng), and Song Yi Lan (Tang Ling).  Yong En's younger sister (Ai Wei), and her stepmother (Rui Fen) also made their appearances. Qi Jun is the son of a powerful warlord. Yong En is a descendant of a Qing royal family who has now fallen on hard times. Yi Lan's father is a wealthy and prominent business man. Yong En thinks her mother is dead but actually she is alive and kicking as Ting Xuan's stepmother, his father's 2nd wife. 

Qi Jun and Yi Lan arrived at the port from overseas studies. At the port, while waiting to get picked up by respective families, Qi Jun realizes he has been pick-pocketed so he pursues the thief, leaving behind Yi Lan.  Then another man tries to kill him. They fight, and fight some more.  Ah, Qi Jun, the brave hero in white showing off his martial arts prowess.  And our heroine, Yong En, who happens to be at the right time at the right place and having the right mindset saves Qi Jun just in time from being seriously knifed, and for her trouble she almost got hurt but fear not, Qi Jun saves her.  So with that melodramatic chance encounter, these two meet each for the first time. Qi Jun instantly falls in love at first sight with brave little Yong En, not knowing that she is his betrothed fiancée, while Yong En is taken with good looks and heroism.

Next scene - Qi Jun wants to break off his pre-arranged marriage and says so to his father. Yong En wants to get marry just so she can leave her unhappy home because of her abusive stepmom.  And at their 2nd chance encounter, imagine Yong En's happiness when she finds out that the hero is actually her betrothed finance, Shen Qi Jun.  That night she looks at her mother's mandarin duck jade pendent (鸳鸯佩), her heart filled with happiness as to the identity of her fiance.

Next day, Qi Jun and his father are at Yong En's house to officially break off his betrothal with Yong En. Yong En eavesdrops, and much to her dismay finds out that Qi Jun has come instead to break off their betrothal, not to honor it as she has hoped.  Of course, she does not know that Qi Jun is still unwise to her identity as his fiancee.  Imagine Qi Jun's shock when he belatedly finds out that his now ex-fiancee is actually Yong En, the girl he fell in love at first sight.  Ah, the shock! The irony! The humiliation! The regrets! The capricious fates!

Next scene
The 2nd young master of the Tang's family, Tang Ting Liang, makes his entrance.  Scene cuts to Mistress Rui Fen comforting Yong En's father, Mr. Jin, who is distraught over the broken betrothal. Mr. Jin chides Rui Fen for thinking Yong En as a bad luck child, who caused her mother's death. Scene cuts back to the Tang Bank. Tang Ting Liang arrogantly and stupidly offends a bank customer, who though always defaulted on his debt to the bank is nonetheless a powerful man the bank can't afford to offend just yet.  When the customer leaves in a huff, Ting Liang announces the early closing of the bank for the day.

Yong En's father going off to somewhere leaving Rui Fen in charge of the household. Yong En's stepmom, Rui Fen, takes the opportunity to lament her awkward 2nd wife status to him, wanting him to marry her legally. But he ignores her request and quickly escape into the waiting car. As she walks back into the house, she encounters her nephew in the courtyard. Turns out that he has just stolen her jade bangle from her bedroom. He begs her to save him from having his fingers cut off from failing to pay up his gambling debt. Seeing his dire predicament, an evil idea came into her thought. She tells her thieving nephew with a gambling addiction to rape Yong En so that after the fact he can marry her, and elevate his status. Ai Wen sees those two deep in discussion.  Ai Wen and Rui Fen set their sight on Qi Jun.

Next scene
A commotion in from of Tang Bank. Tang Ting Xuan makes his entrance.  He yells at Tang Ting Liang for the outside situation caused by the earlier bank closing.  Ting Xuan also reprimands Ting Liang for his botched handling of  Boss Wang. He explains why the bank can't offend Boss Wang because of the latter's good connection (guanxi) with powerful people.

That night the nephew molests Yong En.

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2013 Note: TV direct download episodes are of different length from DVD episodes and currently airing episodes in satellite tv stations. The previous ypp episodic summaries (about 35 minutes) are based on videos recorded directly from local TV stations, hereafter the episodic summaries are based on dvd episodes (40-45 minutes, which are numbered differently from tv episodes.

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