Friday, November 13, 2015

11/13/2015 weibo Steven's oath

Poisoned, possessed, consumed by writing! Don't misunderstand, not a book, something more exhilarating! A pledge to my partner and myself; a year later, AA's first production will, this post as evidence! 

11月13日 15:23  中毒了、著魔了,寫得入迷了!別誤會,不是書本,更是刺激的!必須答應伙伴和自己,一年後,AA的首個作品,必須面世......今天,以此post為証!

TN: Such drama! Best wishes!


  1. What's AA stand for?

    1. No idea. He's mai kwan zi. But Alcoholics Anonymous popped into my mind but of course it's not that. Maybe it's his screenwriting pseudonym or his screenwriting team's initial, who knows, let him have his fun teasing us fans.

  2. Let him have the fun!
    What we could do expect WAIT!

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