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Charmaine Sheh Asked Steven Ma to Give her Diamonds

Charmaine Sheh Asked Steven Ma to Give her Diamonds
Friday May 2, 2008 Hong Kong
Credits: foreverleila @asianfanatics
Source: [Oriental Daily, The Sun 03/05/2008]
picture source credit: Sehseh@

Charmaine Sheh and Steven Ma attended Emperor Jeweler exhibition at Macau yesterday. Charmaine jokingly asked Steven to present her with a set of jeweler worth over $6 million, causing Steven to be nervous and said that he will have to sell his house first.

Emperor Jeweler will be holding their [Precious Jade] exhibition from the 1st till 4th of May at Emperor Hotel in Macau. Jade represents good luck and prosperity, therefore newest jade designs will be the main theme of the event. Yesterday, Charmaine and Steven wore jewelry set worth more than $16 million. Steven who rarely take part in such event looked uneasy posing, rather an amusing situation.

Charmaine wore a low cut dress and wore a [Ruby Heart] ruby set worth $651, 000 at the beginning of the event. She said that in conjunction with the Olympics, she purposely chose to appear in red rubies. She originally wanted to wear a red dress, but couldn't find a suitable one therefore she settled with wearing red rubies.

In addition, Charmaine displayed a diamond set [Glamour Collection] worth over $754, 000. She disclosed that when she was studying in Switzerland, an admirer suddenly went down on his knee and proposed marriage. "He suddenly removed the ring from his hand and proposed marriage, I was really shocked. I do feel little touched but I do not wish to give up my studies therefore I rejected him." Charmaine says when she told her mother afterward, she advised her not to hurt his feelings as it took a lot of courage to propose.

Asked about her preference for wedding ring, Charmaine replied: "It has to be a diamond ring, but the value doesn't matter. The most important thing is sincerity. There's no need for elaborated proposal or kneeling down. He must make me feel moved to have the impulse of getting married." (Has anyone moved you?) "If there is, I'd be married by now. This is a very important decision."

Steven praised Charmaine look beautiful with the diamonds, therefore she immediately asked him to buy her a diamond ring on the spot. He laughed and said that she would have to wait another 3-4 years, or until he filmed 30-40 series to save enough money. Otherwise he would have to sell his house. Wearing a set worth $209, 000, his favorite is the diamond bangle worth $134, 000. When asked if his fees for this event is enough for his to purchase this bangle: "It should be enough, haha!" (Have you ever presented diamonds to a girl?) "I've bought a 2 carat diamond, it was certified E Color Grade S1 in 1980." At first he really felt a pinch when he bought it, but seeing the happy reaction of the girl, he feels it's worth it.

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