Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Linda Chung picks Steven as best on screen partner

So, Linda picks Steven to be her best on-screen partner (for now), but then from my past observations, she tends to give that 'honor' to her most current male-co-star, like when promoting Twilight Investigation, she picked Wong Hei. So yeah, she blows with the current wind direction.

English translation by siaoliao
Posted 28 April 2008 - 03:19 PM
Translation of Radio Interview:

I = Interviewer, L = Linda

Linda Chung won Ms. Chinese International, and has since become a rising Fa Dan, working with many Siu Sangs in the industry. Who does she think is her #1 partner?
A. Dak-Dak-Dei Moses Chan.
B. Good elder brother Steven Ma.
C. Raymond Lam whom she shared a sandwich with, oh, but she probably wouldn’t choose this one.

I: We knew you wouldn’t pick Raymond. Once we mention Raymond, Linda will laugh . Crazy! Why?
L: Actually all three are good partners, really, because, but…
I: But you have rumours with Raymond.
L: Yea, there are rumours with him but these can’t be controlled and is all written by the media, moreover…actually if I really have to choose I choose Dai Gor Gor Steven Ma!
I: Yea, why do you treat him as your elder brother? You don’t even have any rumours with him. I think that’s very abnormal.
L: We’ve never had rumours, even when we were filming Virtues of Harmony, there weren’t any rumours, why? Because I think Steven and I…When I first entered the industry I didn’t know anything, and the first show I did was with him. At that time I already thought we looked matching.
I: Yea
L Also a lot of people around us think that we both look gentle, and our body shape as well as height are similar and matching. Plus, during filming we collaborate well.
I: Steven also takes care of people very well.
L: Yea! He really knows how to take care of people.
I: He’ll tell you to do this and that. Did he tell you to change anything? He loves to tell people to change things! Haha!
L: He didn’t tell me to change, but he told me rest more, and not suffer so much.
I: Like a dad, haha
L: Yea, because I fell ill during that time, and was filming another two series, actually…
I: There was a virus spreading around
L: That was just a little illness, a little illness is a good thing.
I: Yep, you’re quite clever, it’s an improvement
L: He never ceases to encouragement me, and taught me a lot!
I: Yes.

钟嘉欣04年夺得华裔小姐冠军之后登上荧光幕,成为跃进型的花旦,与无数小生合作过,她又觉得谁是她的No.1好搭档呢?A.得得地的陈豪 B.好哥哥马浚伟 C.有三文治两份吃的林峰,哦,不过这个应该是不选的喔)

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