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Updated 2008: 2003 news Steven Ma on a mainland to promote new album

Updated w/ video 2008-05-07

source Guess the event was about 2003 right after finishing Better Halves, and he was on tour to promote his Mandarin album 《浪漫假期》Romantic Holidays.  .

Salient points:
1) He dislikes being called "Wai Gor" or "Wai Jai", for that matter. In various past news reports Steven had mentioned he did not like being called "Wai Gor" or "Wai Jai", as the former nickname is Eric Tsang's while the latter is Tony Leung's. Moreover, "Wai Jai" is what his parents and close relatives called him. His older sisters as well as his manager, Tsui Yong Yong, called him Steven. For the general public, he prefers to go by the name of either Ma Jai, or Steven, or  Xiao Ma/Xiao Ma Ge or just plain Chun Wai/Jun Wei.

2) The most embarrassing moment was when unknowingly on tv he had pieces of facial tissues sticking on his sweaty face after wiping his sweaty face with it.

3)  He prefers oriental looking women.

4) When asked about fatherhood, Steven says he has even come up with his child's name.


[Apple Daily 05/08/2003]
Steven plays happily with a young fan at the ferry port.
Steven Ma left yesterday with three big suitcases for Zhuhai to start a twelve day promotional tour of six Chinese cities. Steven said: "This is the first time my Mandarin and Cantonese albums have been distributed in China so I bought five or six sets of clothes, shoes and accessories especially for this tour, using about HK$10,000 which isn't bad. Among them are a pair of trainers that cost about $2000. However I need to change several times a day, so it really is a bit of a pain."

Steven will be going to Shanghai on this trip and he says that he intends to buy some property there: "My outlook on buying property is similar to that of buying clothes, I hope I can find something inexpensive, however it will only be used for holidays together with the time I put on expanding my career in the mainland."


2003 August 14th 
Although he has been rushed off his feet these few days, Steven has not complained about fatigue, in fact, the enthusiasm of his fans has touched him greatly because at each of his stops, his fans have not only risen early to queue for his events for his autograph, when they see him they call out "Handsome Brother" to him! During this time, the press and the fans have asked this 31-year old what he wants from his partner. Steven responds that he will definitely get married and he had already wanted to start a family at the age of 30, but he is still waiting for his destiny to come.

So what does this Golden Eligible Bachelor want from his future partner? Steven says that she doesn't have to be too pretty, as long as they have a sixth sense for each other, she needs to be able to cook, be sensible and mature, have long hair and an Eastern appeal, best of all if she has a 'single eyelid' so she looks like him."

However, his biggest regret on the tour is that he hasn't had time in Xian to go and visit the terracotta army or to go and see the Shaolin Temple and the Judge Bao Shrine in Zhengzhou; luckily the organisers were very understanding and took him to try all the local cuisine after the events, even sampling his favourite street side food, trying his favourite mutton skewers in Xian. Also in a restaurant he saw a real seal there and at first he thought that this was one of the dishes, saying: "I don't want to eat seal sashimi." Later he found out that it was actually the lucky mascot for the restaurant and was very relieved.

Steven is interested in buying some property in Shanghai because the property market there is constantly rising and as an investment as well as a place to stay, he feels it will keep its value. 

September 28th 2003
Steven Ma has been opening his paths in the mainland and in the space of six months he has visited eight cities in China and his tight schedule has meant that he was not able to celebrate his tenth anniversary of being in showbiz on 27th September. However, he believes that being able to spend this special day working was very worthwhile.

Credit all the above news to: Em at TVBspace News Roundup:

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