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Opinion of Steven's leading ladies

Wow, thanks for the clips of Steven's interview on his co-star.
AF768 Posted 25 January 2009 - 10:17 AM
Based on Steven's  2004 mainland STAR interview on his 4 main leading ladies - Maggie Cheung, Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan and Charmaine Sheh.

Out all the fadan, Charmaine is my least favorite. I can't stand her voice, and her acting as the perfect princess is not to my liking. In some scenes, she even looked haggard. She was so much better and prettier and fresher in Return Of The Cuckoo. Pitnol dragged too, esp. with all the flashbacks. But Steven looked marvelous as usual, he can't be beat in ancient costumes. 

Of all his characters, my most favorite is Gan Yuan of On the track or off. Gan Yuan is a very well-written & fully evolved character, from an exuberant horse lover youngster to a more mature and sober young man. His two co-stars are Bondy Chiu 赵学而 and Ada Choi. I thought Bondy did an excellent job as an overly ambitious, money grabbing villain, whom I could actually sympathize with. Ada's character is a bit too perfect and static for me, though her performance is commendable, too. Of course, my love is Gan Yuan, who, joy of joys, is the indisputable central figure in the storyline, so lots of screentime. His character got to display and express all kinds of emotions. And the storyline is excellent. Though 40 episodes long, the time flew by fast for me. So yeah, Gan Yuan it is, after waffling between his characters in Better Halves, WTLB, and Safeguards. Gan Yuan is my most loved character. Steven was just adorable in the first half of the series, but later his scenes became heartstrings tugging as he matures through life's tribulations. 

Yes, his co-star is Nnadia in the realm of success. I couldn't even finished the series, because I didn't like the storyline and the cast's including Steven's performance was dull. 

And Linda Chung spoiled VOH II for me. I thought her acting was more than terrible, it was an insult to acting, so I watched that series in a fast forward mode. I was so dreading AJCL but she redeemed herself in my eye. AJCL is an excellent series, but Steven was relegated to a supporting character so as to accentuate Linda's character. 

I like WTLB very much so. The whole cast was excellent. 
I also like Steven as a talkative young doctor in Healing Hands, very cute as he was too in Ultra Protection. In UP, his xiu ye zai stole lots of scenes from Bowie. He and his flossing after being 'kissed' by Bowie. haha!

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