Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sits - Ji Yuen's military bearing

Tamaya: Yes, little details besides his upright, military bearing such as being a man of few words like what Producer Lee had said. Which brings to mind my earlier comment on Yuen's speech. I notice that Steven purposely spoke with a clipped and abrupt diction to portray a upfront and plain-speaking Yuen.

Now that Akazukin brought up his military bearing, maybe his clipped diction reflects his military background. Overkill??

AF#1408 Posted by Akazukin on 03 June 2009 - 12:39 AM
Not only that, his posture and the way he moves also has military bearing. [..]
The other day rewatching SITS, I was once again impressed by Steven, and this time I would want to talk about the scene where he first met Minister Yiu. Yuen and his godfather were just passing shadows until Minister Yiu called To, but somehow, you do feel these two passing shadows are different from the rest. There is something with the way Steven walked and his posture that gives off the vibes that he is not just normal average citizen. I feel that all over SITS, he did give off this vibe that he is from a military background and I applaud him for that. Such little thing, such little scene, but it makes difference.

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