Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tong Chi Ko's posture in Brink of law

Tamaya: My one beef with Steven in BOL is that if he would just straighten up his back and not slouched so noticeably. 

Akazukin: I'm not that bothered with his slouching in BOL, mainly because I hardly see him slouching in other series, so it makes his character more unique, somehow.

Tamay: You think Steven did the slouching on purpose? He slouched a bit too in AJCL, not that you'd know*, and also a bit in Steps? But he had perfect posture in his ancient dramas.

Posted by Akazukin on 16 March 2009 - 12:28 PM
Haha... not really. I know some people who added different 'habit' to the different characters they played, for example, Michael Tao used different types of laughings for different series. I don't know if Steven did the slouching on purpose to make Chi Ko different, but I just notice the difference from his other characters who seem to have straight posture, or it could be that he did the straight posture especially for ancient series, or it could be invisible below the costume. But then again, I didn't notice that he slouched in Steps nor UP. But it was very noticeable in BOL.

*Akazukin did not watch AJCL 'cos she disliked Linda Chung's acting.
Eta: And then in a 2010(?) interview, Steven mentioned that Catherine Tsang had constantly reminded him to mind his posture and not slouch. haha!

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