Saturday, May 23, 2009

Producer Lee Tim Seng commends SM for his acting in SITS

Date: 2009 May 22nd
AF #1371


Due to Rosy Business’ ideal ratings, there are rumors that TVB plans to broadcast Sweetness in the Salt in Hong Kong. Sits, another series by Lee Tim Seng, producer of Rosy Business, has also garnered excellent ratings when it was recently aired in US and Canada, Malaysia and Singapore. Starring Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung, Sits’ audiences were both moved and captivated by their bittersweet love story.

Mr. Lee seems inordinately appreciative of Sits' male lead, Steven Ma's performance. He praises Mazai for his work ethics and punctuality, and for his greatly improved acting skill. He says: “These days, Mazai’s performance is at the level whereby he can perform to the fullest what is required of his character, masterfully and naturally.” (挥洒自如) Steven was very happy to hear Mr. Lee’s commendation, in return, he thanked the latter for his guidance and mentoring.

TN: 挥洒自如 ([huīsǎzìrú] an idiom used to describe someone who is an expert at writing, painting, calligraphy or in this case, acting; and is capable of expressing himself to the fullest. )

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