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Steven Ma - netizens' choice as Xu Xian

AF 1347 news May 8th 2009
"A mainland film production company is planning to shoot a remake of The Legend of White Snake《白娘子傳奇》 , and is right now in the process of casting the main leads. The company set up an online poll and many artistes from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan got onto the short list. After a month of voting, Steven Ma, with 44% of the total votes, is the front runner. Also, the netizens praise his ancient costume appearance for being refined and handsome. When apprised of the situation, Steven was very happy and wondered if he would have the opportunity to portray the character of Xu Xian, 许仙. Anyway, he was elated just knowing he has so many supporters in China."

Nikki01: It will be interesting to see Steven in the role as XuXian in "The Legend of the White Snake". I think he will perform well as he did in other scholarly roles. I am personally not so interested in fairy tale dramas but as long as Steven is in them, will certainly not miss. 

Tamaya: Re "Snake" news is just a cheap publicity stunt by its producers; so read and disregard. In fact, the so called polls are taken from baidu 'snake' site. Most Steven fans didn't even know about those polls much less voted for him. Truth be told, his fans are not keen at all on him taking up a remake role, especially one that is such an old hat. But anyway, it's nice to know Steven has so many baidu supporters, although I personally disregard baidu polls because they are mostly 'vote brushing' by a small group of supporters or detractors. 

Akazukin: Although I'm happy for Steven that he is the top voted for remaking of White Snake Legend, I don't really hope he would take that role. I have watched the version by Angie Chiu and I find the role of her husband very boring. Maybe Steven can make it interesting but still I'm not so keen on him taking this role. There are more roles out there that need him.[..]Extra note: I love the first pic of him as Li Bai, so handsome. I am for the idea of him acting as Li Bai, as opposed to against the idea of him acting as White Snake's husband. I think Li Bai will be a much more interesting character to portray than the White Snake's husband. 

baidu sm thread
Li Bai photoshop/poll

AF# 1347 Posted 09 May 2009 - 07:40 PM
Source: Wenweipo, Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Steven Ma receives highest votes by Netizens for the role in "Legend of White Snake"

Once investing in the production of Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip's "The Legend of the White Snake" (白娘子傳奇), the Mainland production company plans to make a new version of the series entitled, "Legend of the White Snake Again" (又見白娘子). The Production Crew have yet to decide who will play the White Snake and is actively looking, in Mainland a large poll was held for Netizens to vote for a candidate. After more than a month of voting, Steven Ma received the highest votes, the Production Crew expressed that they will consider Netizens' suggestions.

Steven heard the news and is very honored, he said: "I thank all Netizens for voting for me. Although if I'm able to get the role is depended on the schedule and the variety of qualifications, but knowing that there are so many audiences in Mainland supporting me, I am even more happy."

Steven is currently busy filming for TVB new series "The Legend of Pu Songling". "I really like the Pu Songling role, the personality and style has a lof of space for development. This is one of the biggest challenges I've accepted in acting." This time with the top votes, it allows Steven to have a huge booster in confidence: "In acting, I strongly want improvement. In the roles I play, I strongly request for difference. These are one of the biggest future goals I have. I need to work harder!"

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