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Translation of fans' essays 2007

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Getting to know Steven through his fans continues:
From: steven's warm house 温馨马仔小屋's archive.
07-02-04 13:56 by: 桔子.我是猫

Place: Taiwan – Sichuan, China
Interviewee: FanA (阿尔萨兰)Webmistress of a now defunct Steven’s Taiwan fansite (2001-?). Fan since 1999 Quote: Actually really wish when he first started out, I was there to support him, to like him. 其实很希望 他出道时 就能支持他喜欢他

Interviewer: (桔子) webmistress of Steven’s Warm House.

An Excerpt of their online impromptu interview:

桔子: You said if it wasn’t for that face-to-face meeting, you would have been just a regular fan. Does that mean you don’t see yourself as a regular fan?

FanA: Well, I’ve like him for such a long time, as for that ardent enthusiam, that’s gone. I now look upon him more like a relative, like a friend ba

桔子. En, I remember reading an article on another celebrity. Inside was a remark that said, what Scorpio celebrities attract is not the fanatic fans, rather, they are admirers. I appreciate this comment because I think the usage of admirers is very appropriate.

fanA: Very true! He has the kind of charisma that makes one fall in love with him (tn: or another meaning- charisma that inspires admiration) 倾心的魅力. Which is why at the time when I liked him a lot, I never thought of myself as a fanatic fan. My feelings towards him were mild/calm sincerity. I guess many people were that way too.

桔子: Mild? Don’t think so. haha! I believe it’s more a blending of rationality and passion. Passionate yet tempered.

FanA: Maybe

桔子: Because that’s the impression you gave me. Often times, when I was being impulsive you would even restrain me.

FanA: I’ve a more reserved personality.

桔子: but you’ve been crazy before too
FanA: When I was crazy, I would get jealous too, and also get mad.

桔子: Besides being crazy during that 探班 time (tn:Steven-fans meeting), what other occasion were you craziest? And you mentioned jealous?

FanA: craziest? I don’t recall ever being that. Because there weren’t any opportunities for me to act that way. As for jealousy - only over minor stuff. Every fan, especially those whose feelings are deeply engaged, there’s none that will not be jealous over some petty incidences.

桔子: such as the Taiwanese gf?
FanA: Not only that, even those actresses in the photos kissing mouth to mouth with him; I’ll be jealous.
桔子: Hahahaa! Well, as to that….

FanA: After all his past, we can’t participate in it anymore
桔子: Does saying this give you a twinge of sadness?

FanA: En! Actually really wish when he first started out, I was there to support him, to like him.

桔子: En! True! Sometimes I feel that way too. Even though I could get to know his past from other people, and even felt emotional at hearing it, but still there’s this blank in my memory of him. I’ve this slightly dissatisfied feeling. Bu gan xing!

FanA: True, which is why I so diligently collect old news, magazines on him, hoping to fill in this blank in my memory.

桔子: That's why it is better to appreciate the present now because we have our own memories

FanA: en!
桔子: Conversely, these memories to the new fans will be stuff they will regret not having. Haha!

桔子: Last question, having like Xiao Ma all these years, what is your deepest feeling on it?
FanA: That’s tough to answer, like what?

桔子: like use a phrase to describe your feelings for supporting him all these years, just whatever.

FanA: Ok then, Mazai, if you still don’t find a girlfriend to marry, then I might not be able to get myself married off.

桔子: hohoho! Will this give him pressure? Hahaha!

FanA: Hahaha! Because of him, I have squandered (?) 耽误 many of my youthful years ya. But if he doesn’t get marry, I think I will find it hard to give up ba!

桔子: The pressure just got bigger
FanA: Aren't you the same too?
桔子: lets change the subject hehe!
FanA: I purposely call you out haha
桔子: Anything else you wish to add to?
FanA: Mazai, take care of your health, of yourself, we’ll always support you!

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