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Editorial - what drawn me to Steven?

AF#1865 Posted 26 October 2009 - 12:44 PM

Steven's birthday has officially ended.
To commemorate his birthday, I would like to share my recollection on how I became a Steven fan since Oct 2007. I first noticed Steven in HH1 as Dr. Joe somewhere around 2006. Though only a minor role, he caught my eye with his natural and adorable personality, enough to imprint that image in my memory. His Dr. Joe is like a breath of fresh air, so breezy in personality and so 'clean' in looks. He has a face that any young children and elderly people, even dogs for that matter, would instinctively trust at first sight, so guileless are his eyes and so spontaneously warm are his smiles. His whole looks exudes decency, trustworthiness and youthful vitality. And most of all, Dr. Joe is believable.

True, Steven's excellent series drew me into his world and triggered my interest in him as artiste. But in the course of reading his memoir, his yahoo blog, his books, and watching and listening to his tv and radio interviews, I became interested in the man himself. I liked the image of him taking shape in my mind. To be exact, it was his memoir that truly clinched me as his steadfast fan. Through his eloquent writing, I got a sense of the real person behind the artiste, thinking to myself, hey this guy is for real after all, and he is actually of flesh and blood, too. Further foraying in his fandom showed him eloquent and quick-witted in his speech. Last but not least, I read excerpts of his book, "Why Suicide?" Why such a serious topic from an entertainer, no less? Intriguing indeed! What's incredible is that his 2 other books also deal with subjects just as serious. His compassion and and empathy for his subjects were real. Wow! Steven Ma is not just a tvb artiste but a real person who has real feelings and thoughts. Deep!

Below is some of the earlier re-collection of Steven's quotes that had at one time or so impressed me. Care to share yours?

Publishing books
To me, if you think something is meaningful, then you should pursue it. I hope through my celebrity status I can get in touch with the youths as they might presumably be more interested and willing to listen to my 'ramblings'. Actually these past 3 years, within the HK educational world including high school, middle School, and primary school, I did some lecturing tours. I shared with the next generation of young people on life based on my own experiences, on the importance of reading and on familial relationship, and the like. By and by, these lectures invoked in me the notion of publishing inspirational books for the youths, to awake in them the respect for life, and to have a positive outlook in life.

On love
Nowadays I don't have presets (for choosing girlfriend) because love will come when it comes; it's not up to you to pick and choose. I admit I'm not very romantic maybe because I tend to concentrate more in my career. Love can't be explained. Like for instance, if you love a person, even if she slaps you on the face, you'll still love her! But if you don't love a person, no matter how much she begs you, you still don't love her! Actually, what's more genuine than I taking good care of you, giving you confidence, and will not do you wrong? The rest is just icing on the cake. Only those who are with me will know of my love and my heart, so no matter how much I blow my own trumpet right now, it's all meaningless.

On family
My friends and my colleagues are all aware of my close relationship with my family. In my life to date, what I most proud of is that I grew up within this kind of family. To see my father with his own two hands provided for our family of seven. He remained faithful to my ailing mother through thick and thin. He exemplifies that love can indeed be eternal until death do they part, and that love and respect be shown among siblings. All these I had felt in my family.

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