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Steven Ma Gave Tavia Yeung Lingerie.

Reposted from AF#1991: 2009/12/21 news
Tavia's news video: Tavia spills the beans on Steven's gift.
Hyn05 news + video

Steven Ma helps Tavia Yeung buy bras.
Today Tavia and Liz and Bambi were at a bras promotional event at Causeway Bay. Tavia, dressed quite sexily, expounded her experience in purchasing underwears. In the past, because of being influenced by her mother’s teachings when young: can not be too sexy, cannot expose her underwear, most of her underwears were flesh color. Only when she entered the industry did she start buying different kinds. (Q: Any males given you bras? ) She has only asked one male friend help her buy bras and that person is Steven Ma, reason being she and Ma Zai are very close friends, who addressed each other as god-brother and god-sister. Once when Steven went to US (sic Canada) for a stage performance, she requested bras as a souvenir gift from him. Tavia said: “Only big brother Steven Ma when he went to US (sic Canada) for performance. He bought me a whole bunch. (sic: not a whole bunch but one set only.) Very fitting.”  When asked if she has ever received any bras from boyfriends, Tavia said: “It’s ok if he accompanies me to buy underwear, but can’t give me bras.”

Note: Steven only bought Tavia bras per her request as 'souvenir' gift, not out of the blue as implied by some news snippets.

Tavia Yeung Asked Steven Ma to Buy Lingerie for Her
credit source to hyn05

Tavia Yeung was at a promotional event for a lingerie store yesterday. Tavia expressed that when she was younger, her mother would teach her how to pick the right bra. It must not be sexy, and it must have great support. (Have you received any lingerie gifts from a boyfriend before?) Tavia expressed no, but laughingly said that she had received lingerie from Steven Ma as a souvenir present. Tavia laughingly said, "The only guy who had bought me lingerie was Steven Ma. We are very acquainted, and we have always referred to each other as god-brother and god-sister. There was a time when he went to the US, so I told him to buy lingerie for me as a souvenir present. I only told him medium size, and he ended up buying me an entire bag full of skin products, such as hand cream, and there was also leopard print lingerie in the bag as well".


Transcripts reposted from AF 04 January 2010

Steven clarifies the story behind him giving Tavia lingerie. Steven is queried about that intriguing report alleging him of giving Tavia lingerie as souvenirs. Steven clarifies the incident.

Loose paraphrase transcript:
SM: That Tavia! It was the time I was to go to Canada for work so in the make-up room I said: " Wei, I'm going to Canada for work."

Tavia exclaims: "Yay! Buy some souvenirs!"

"What do you want? Say!"

She mentions some boutique store I wasn't familiar with. But she says just go in and buy something there.

Myolie Wu is there then, she pipes, "Are you really going to go in there?"

 "What does it sell?" I ask.

Myolie: "She's pulling your leg. It sells feminine stuff!"

Later, Tavia texted me with what to buy, perfumes and such...(?) When I got to Canada, I really found that store. There were all kinds of bras displayed all over the store and of myriad colors too. It also had other products like skin-care products and lingerie. But I refused to go in there. (So who bought the pair of bras?) Louise Lee Sze Kei's daughter, Yip Qing, went into the store to get the bra. (She was one who picked the leopard print bra?) I suggested that. Tavia was so naughty, so I picked that leopard print bra for her, daring her to wear to it!

Steven clarifies the leopard bra incident starting 3:41                                  
Jan 2010 VIP Today A Watchdog's Tale on TY's lingerie

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