Monday, April 5, 2010

2004 suits ad

Steven's news on January 5, 2004
Steven Ma is a very traditional minded person, so the Chinese New Year and Winter Festival are very important to him. In the past, he had had time off for the New Year and this year is no exception, so he will be going to Hainan Island for five days holiday with some of his friends. He smiles: "I have decided that in April or June, I will apply for the Open University to study Chinese Sociology. Recently I have been reading some of the text books and they are making me rather numb, so I want to go and have some fun." As for work, Steven says that although his contract with TVB will be ending soon, he should be continuing it because he has had a good relationship with them in the past. He also hopes that he can start filming another series for TVB in April. At the moment he is negotiating several Mainland productions and earlier, he made an advertisement for a suit company.

He says: "As I didn't have any time in my schedules, I had to complete the shoot in one day and in the end I had to change into thirty suits in the space of eight hours and smiled so much that my jaw was stiff. Luckily the boss really liked it and insisted that I filmed their TV ad for them as well, so work will start in March. The two ads together had a seven-figure fee and the boss has offered me a lifetime's supply of suits, so if I film any modern series, they will sponsor my suits for me."

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