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random weibo post May 2010

AF#378  Posted 17 May 2010 - 12:57 AM

(5/16; 18:19) fan1 says that 7 Days has special meaning for her because they've been accompanying Steven all this time throughout it filming process; it’s like they were on site watching….

fan2: agrees and moreover Steven regularly uploads the latest pictures taken on site.

Fan1: True, 7-day acquaintance….though merely 7 days but I may never forget them


AF#383  Posted 18 May 2010 - 06:13 PM

2010-5-8 20:54 玄转米奇:回复@馬浚偉: 哈哈,四哥,我们怎么看你都好帅,你说实话吧!你认为自己帅吗?

2010-5-8 20:57   我自己.....覺得自己長得正常囉! [猪头][嘻嘻] SM weibo  p95

   2010-5-8 21:03 看了自己那麽多年,真的不懂評價自己帥不帥,而且,外貌不是最重要,對嗎? [猪头]  sm weibo 2010-5-8 20:46   p93

sm baidu p13 r496-497 

Oh Fans are telling Steven more stuff than maybe he wants to hear. haha!

Some of the tweets went like: 
Fans agreeing with each other that Steven is so shuai and cute and handsome and so on and so forth praising Steven's good looks to high heaven. 

Then a fan posed the question to Steven (gist): 4 Ge, you are so 'shuai' (good-looking) . Do you think you are shuai? What do you think of your looks?

Steven.............. no waited.............still no response

Fans chatted about Steven's looks in different series. Rather ego boosting tweets for Steven to read. 

Finally, Steven said: I think I'm just a normal looking guy ba. 

Fans clamored for more specifics like the truth, backing Steven into a corner.....haha! 

Steven: (gist) Aiya, I've looked at myself in the mirror for so many years now, I'm so used to my own looks, so really can't tell you ba. " lol! 

A cop-out answer if ever there is one. Steven says most important is that the man should be a responsible person.


Fans urge Steven to have a baby Ma. He says fine, will try his best. 

 sm baidu p13 r499-500

Need to get this out before the 'water' in steven wei bo gets too deep tomorrow. I’m so slow, just found out that if I click 关注的人 on the comments page, a full screen of Steven’s replies for that entry will be displayed . No need to wait for the baidu update. Steven had a free morning today. Said he played badminton, then went to exercise gym then…..? Steven learns new cyber Chinese word from fans: pai or pia (smack) . A Hong Kong author 馮智翔 of several published books actively interacted with Steven fans. ( Steven’s 50 years old writer friend). He was made most welcome by Steven fans. 


Tweets: May 18 Incomplete Steven wei bo tweets extract. Starting pg 50 - p 103

8:11: Steven: I’m going to play Thomas Cup. Haha! See you later this afternoon. 

15:10: Steven: finished ball game, finished exercise, a wild morning. 

Fans ask for pictures of him playing ball. Steven says he’ll see. Later, says has none to share. 

ref: sm baidu p22
15:40 - Steven tests fans with an IQ question: If you do it, you commit a crime, if you don’t, you’ll be in jail. What is it? 

Within seconds, fans came up with the same answer to each other's. (What’s yours?) Meanwhile Steven has disappeared. 
15:46 - Steven: Already correctly answeredPosted Image

15:47 Fan1: 4 Ge, you should be happy instead that this ‘pigsty’ has no dimwits. 

Some fans: What is the answer? What?....

15:47 – Steven It’s ‘in jail’ lah!........ 
Oops!! Steven erroneously posted the wrong answer. 

Fans: , no lah how can that be the correct answer? You made a mistake lah, Si Ge…….. 

Later, Steven sheepishly admits his typo error. The correct answer is what the fans have already come out with. 
Poor Steven, tough posting on a small iphone. 

15:55 Steven: it is jail break. Typos, Posted Image Don’t want to play IQ question anymore. Posted Image (Lol!)

15:56: poor child, we did not laugh at you o... 

15:57: haha! 4 ge, don’t be sad … Just watched PSL promo 1, 4 Ge’s facial expressions were so cute, lots of variation, haha! It is supposed to be a tragic drama, how come laugh so happily ne. 


16:01 Steven: Test you people on chengyu that has 2 opposite characters. 南轅北轍 Posted ImagePosted Image
(NOTE: like north vs south, up vs down, left vs right etc.)

Within 10 minutes there were like over 50 entries (wonder if fans looked up internet to get them) Then someone wrote: 东邪西毒 (East Heretic West Poison – 2 Greats in The Condor Heroes, though not chengyu but an ingenious mention, lol!) 

16:05 Steven counters: South Emperor North Beggar. lol!

16:07 Steven: All very good! Ok, Chengyu that means 兩兩相對的 (thing in opposites, vis-a-vis, antonyms) 
Fans’ prompt responses

16:14 Steven: Wah! All very good! 


16:25 Steven: Explain today’s definition for 次非殺蛟"

Fans’ promptly posted explanations. Some even got into the history behind the chengyu. (Sounds like Biting the bullet and confronting adversity with courage and determination. Steven should be very proud of his fans’ Chinese literacy. I myself was impressed by their prompt answers.) 

16:38 Steven: All correct, Not bad not bad at all. So we should never be discouraged by adversity. History made the present. I don’t mind being a teacher. So long you its meaning, that’s good enough. Just relax. (in response to a fan reminding others that Steven has only asked chengyu in today’s definition as opposed to its historical origin which was Spring-Autumn Annals. ) 

A discussion ensues among fans on how Steven knows of this chengyu. Did he get it from reading the book of chengyu collection or from the Spring-Autumn annals. 

Steven terse response: The annals. 

A fan wonders if she should say hi to Steven if she happens to meet him in Shanghai Expo (Steven has previously confirmed he will visit Shanghai expo in July) Another fan her why not. Because she doesn’t know how to react when face to face with him. 

16:46 Steven: If meet in Shanghai, then….lon ban, lon lou,man lei tao tao kong sui yong bat yao. ( opening line of Shanghai Bund’s themesong) lol! 

16:53 Steven: Actually when I finished reading 資治通鑑, I was left with only half a life. As for 東周列国志 only read a little. (historical classics of Ancient China) 

16:57 Steven: That was 7 years ago, spent 2 years self studying China history and cultures. But have already forgotten a lot. Need the books to remember facts. …….. 

17: 35 Steven (gist): Actually….history is a lesson to be learned by humanity but we often choose to ignore its lessons. ...... Sorry, here I go again. 

sm baidu p15 row547

(5/16; 18:34) Steven: The connection between people, so long there are feelings, there will be no distance; if feelings exist then it likes in close proximity even if worlds apart. Let us walk together!

(5/16; 18:42) fan3: But Si Ge, sometimes you treat others nicely, but they may not treat you the same. Feel that people these days are very phony. In this society, how many people are phony and how many are genuine

(5/16; 18:48) Steven: Since can’t tell genuine from phony, why waste time thinking about it? Hurt is accepting (the consequences); happiness is giving (of oneself). It is your choice.

(5/16; 18:58) Steven: What feelings to accept is all based on personal choice! Good or bad will depend on your pov. Of course, I still think one shouldn’t worry about something that can’t be changed, or has yet to happen or has no answers!

(5/16; 19:48) Steven: Seeing you all chatting so happily, I feel so happy! Feel that I am useful. Feigning being cool.….. :tricky:

(5/16; 19:56) Steven: Actually, how old are you people? Can you tell me? The truth...

5/16; 11:21 Steven: I've been filming the whole morning in the middle of the sea . Very windy, no rain, but feel dizzy! . _ .
No lunch, cos' lunch boxes not here yet.


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