Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 1st 2010 520 weibo

2010-5-20 12:49  The morning fire scene with the help of nature was finally completed; no accidents, effect was good. Good job, everybody! While waiting for position, I went into the props colleagues’ workroom and sat there. Snapped some pictures. Though ordinary looking, the surrounding when captured in film somehow displays a different kind of feel. Si Ge’s maxim 14: I never listen to one-sided story only or believe in a blink of eye feeling. To get to the whole truth, one must use one’s heart to understand. 

2010-5-20 16:35 馬浚偉:520s[心][花][呵呵] 

2010-5-20 16:49 p140 馬浚偉:好吧,那就把5月20日定為我太豬日[豬頭].....
不是,是"馬太豬家庭日"吧![乾杯][乾杯][乾杯]la la la la la [愛你]

2010-5-20 17:04  馬浚偉[蛋糕][乾杯][蛋糕][乾杯][蛋糕][乾杯]


清晨的火燒戲在天公造美下終於完成,没意外效果好,辛苦大家了!等埋位時,走進道具組同事的エ作室坐一會,還拍了些照片,看似平凡的環境,拍出來却別有一番味道!#四哥格言十四:我從不聽取片面之詞,也不相信霎眼之感,凡事必需用心去体會,才有可能知道事實之全部!# 刘德华-如果有一天

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