Monday, May 24, 2010

weibo 2010-5-23 Steven's baby pix

2010-5-23 02:36   Today, having a splitting headache so pardon my laziness to write less. Wishing everybody be more happy, that the world be better, that evil be farther away from us, and positive energy be stronger.... 

Steven: When Master Piggy Ma was young; when young already so piggy.[豬頭]v[哈哈]

Steven: Slightly over one year's old. I was 8-1/2 half lbs at birth, a fat BB![豬頭][心]

Steven: At that time, almost all BB had this kind of pictures taken.

Steven: That's true, I too have heard that a young child will only sleep in the arms of a person he/she trusts. The BB I held either smiled or slept! (Made me) feel good.....

Steven: Read news reports that TVB forbid us artists to play weibo? Who's the instigator? Super fake rumor! (超"流") [暈][豬頭]v

Steven: Getting hungry [呵呵] so BB's going to eat now. [呵呵]

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