Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weibo 2010/5/26

13:06 This MV will show at the end of each episode. Director Andrew really did a good job! Thank you!

13:12 PSL opening theme video will be ancient drama; closing video will be modern day mv.  Not bad, eh? I think the theme song title is 心窍 (clear thinking)

2010-5-27 11:07 
For this PSL mv, Director Andrew uses stage show concept and technique to shoot it. I like it. Andrew is a very artistic director. Thank you for your painstaking effort! Of course, I also want to especially thank lighting master (technician), Cou Goh; the lighting that day was outstanding. Also Hong sifu and others; thank you, brothers!

這首蒲松齡MV,導演Andrew用了舞台劇的意念和手法拍攝,我很喜欢,Andrew是一個很有藝術思維的導演,多谢你的心血!當然,我也要特別多谢燈光師草哥,那天的光超棒,還有康師傅們,谢谢兄弟! MV的另一張照片!

Pix taken during the shooting of psl mv

pix source: 2010-5-26 01:36

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