Thursday, May 20, 2010

weibo 2010 May 19

AF392 Posted 20 May 2010 - 10:32 PM

2010-5-19 14:38  

Good afternoon! Actually it is rather interesting to be an actor. The most fun being able to do the ‘decathlon’! It is easy to see that actors show off different talents in different series. In my series world, I’m capable in letters and in martial arts, can dance can cure, can run can ride, can debate can swindle, can be good can be bad. What about the real me, how much do I really know? Today I will pilot a yacht. On the screen, I am relaxed and carefree, outside the screen the crew members trembled. 

下午好!其實做演員真的很有趣,當中以"十項全能"最好玩!不難發現,演員在不同戲劇,就有不同才華,我在戲劇世界,能文能武,能舞能醫,能跑能騎,能辯能騙,能正能邪!那麽,現實中的我,又真懂多少?這天我要開遊艇,鏡頭內我輕鬆自在,鏡頭外エ作人員全身發抖![哈哈] 那英-白天不懂夜的黑-

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