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2003 Better Halves promo

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

TVB's new show "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) will be follow "Hak Ye Choi Hung" (Fate Twisters) and begin airing next week. Yesterday, Steven Ma, Maggie Cheung, Moses Chan, Joyce Coi and Cerina de Graca were among those at a promotional event. Although Maggie was wearing her ancient costume, she was still the centre of attraction after her recent figure changing news and when Steven picked her up to play games, Chuk Man Kwan took the opportunity to ask Steven: "Is Maggie's front poking into you?" and making them both a little embarrassed. As well as this, Maggie accidentally hurt her hand whilst playing games, but luckily she and Steven still won and took home the prize of some cakes.

Later, Steven said: "I think Maggie is getting more and more fit, so when I was carrying her, she felt really light. She has already agreed to be the guest star in my new music video for 'Talk of Me' and my concept is for me to be a mortal and for her to be a little angel." When Maggie was asked whether a sexy angel would have no clothes on, she laughs: "If he's willing, I don't mind, but it won't be allowed to be broadcast and to have it squared out would be a waste of time! Moreover, sexiness should be shown through innocence and a clean image."

Maggie is still not used to having everyone's attention on her, especially Steven smiling at her coyly and imitating her sexy poses for the camera. Talking of her guest starring as a sexy angel in Steven's MV, she says: "The degree of sexiness is still unknown, and I don't know how sexy and angel came to be strung together, I don't think it will be dangling from wires in a swimsuit! If I wear a swimsuit, then it will go past normal friendship and the rumours will start again about our relationship. Overall, I have no bottom line, I can be sexy, but not overly revealing, sexiness can be achieved in a healthy, beautiful way."

Whilst playing games, Steven and Joyce were flirting with each other on the stage, earlier there had been rumours between the two, so off the stage, Steven called Joyce over for an interview. Steven laughed: "She is my 'martial auntie', she's crazy! Crazy auntie..." As for Joyce, she referred to him as "Crazy Boy". Steven revealed that whilst filming this show with Maggie and Joyce, the words "Idiotic, Maniacal and Crazy" were all there.

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 July 3,2003 A group of artistes from TVB's new show "Better Halves" including Steven Ma, Cerina De Graca, Auguste Kwan and producer Mui Siu Ching took part in Nancy Sit's radio show at Metro Radio. Steven laughed that during filming, he often had to wear a set of golden coconuts and he casually slung them around his neck and held them up with his hands in order to create a funny picture. Because this is an ancient costume drama, he wasn't sure if this was appropriate, so he checked out the company's opinions and it was agreed there was no problem with this.

Earlier, Steven had missed a promotional event because of illness, during his stay in hospital, Joyce Coi and Maggie Cheung called him to see if he was okay and still alive! The joke continued after he left hospital when they said it was nice to see him still in this realm.

This was the first time that Cerina had taken part in a series, she feels that there is still room for improvement with her Cantonese, however this experience has made her fall in love with filming and she would like to do more ancient dramas. Cerina says: "I am not afraid of hard work, even if I have to fight, it's okay!" She also praises her colleagues, saying that they treat her really well and she has made many good friends, but she points out that she has had no love affairs: "I don't have the intention to start dating yet, because my career is more important."

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July 7, 2003
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The cast of TVB's "Better Halves" made their way to the Lam Village in Taipo to pray for luck yesterday at the Wishing Tree. Steven Ma wrote his wish as 'High Ratings, Good Health and the End of Rumours' in the hope that his wish will come true. He says: "So much gossip makes me so frustrated, always writing about this and that, they don't write it when I am filming, only when the show is airing, it's nothing to do with me, they are so pointless! In the future, I will have to deal with these situations very carefully, just making sure I clarify everything first. I am not stupid, so don't put my name to every rumour or I will fall out with you!" Steven feels that Maggie Cheung and Joyce Coi are good friends so he doesn't need to hold back, but with friends he doesn't know too well then he will be more careful.

The artistes who took part were all very happy as the producer thanked them all with presents. The three main characters, Steven, Maggie and Joyce all received a set of gold cups and everyone else received a lucky packet. However, Moses Chan was not able to attend the gathering. Producer Mui Siu Ching mentioned that he is not well, with an upset stomach and sounded very weak on the phone, so she told him to go and see the doctor and hopes he will get better soon.

Also, Maggie Cheung has been filming two real estate advertisements in Guangzhou and rushed back yesterday to take part in the promo before flying out to a charity show in Atlantic City. The show has been delayed because of the SARS crisis, so on her visit, she will also be visiting a hospital in New York before going onto MC in Atlantic City. Guests at the show will inlcude: Edmond Leung, Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leung and Cheng Hei Yi. Maggie says: "I will stay there for a few days, but I must be back in Hong Kong before the 21st because there is a promotion sponsored with an abalone meal and I will definitely come back for that.

July 19, 2003
TVB's "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) held a promotional event yesterday and each of the cast members taking part received a watch from the sponsors, the mens' were worth $3800 and the ladies' were worth $4500 each, exceeding the limit of the present allowance for TVB employees from sponsors. Producer Mui Siu Ching explains that she didn't know the value of the presents and she sees this as a souvenir from doing the promotion, in the same way that artistes get paid for doing store openings and she is not in a position to refuse these on behalf of the artistes. She adds: "When they were filming they received a lot of gold as presents, if they are left over from filming then we give them to the artistes as souvenirs."

As for Steven Ma and Moses Chan, they had no comment about receiving the watches, Steven then went on to tell about his "gold-store", saying: "Every time we do a show, then we receive souvenirs, I don't worry about this being a problem, the payment is handled by the company so there are no problems there." Moses says: "I am not really sure, doing promos is different because the souvenirs are arranged by the company."

Cerina De Graca was frighted away from appearing at yesterday's show after she was photographed having dinner with Auguste Kwan, August explained the rumours: "Because Cerina is quite a good singer, I invited her out to meet some record company friends of mine. If I was dating her then we wouldn't bring our assistants along with us. We got on well when we were filming so having dinner is just a normal social activity. (Cerina is well known as a man magnet!) Don't say that about her, she is very direct, very tomboyish. You make it sound so bad, why doesn't anyone say I am a babe magnet?"


 July 21, 2003
TVB's "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) has seen a good response and a restaurant has sponsored the cast and crew with a five table abalone feast worth over HK£25,000. Maggie Cheung rushed back from New York to take part in this meal and although she has been away for a while, she has been in touch by phone and heard about the ICAC's operation against corruption, but she dare not respond as she is a TVB employee.

When it was mentioned about Miss Pak [Radio Host] revealing the dark secrets behind beauty pageants, Maggie was asked about her experiences when she took part in the contest and whether she was "taken out for dinner". She says: "No. I didn't even get into the top three, so there is nothing like that in my dictionary. No-one knows if the beauty contests are fixed or not, but I felt that my year was very fair because there was a vote from the audience and they were all very supportive of Halina Tam." Before, beauty contests were very revered, but now they are being smeared, if there really was result fixing in place, then this would be very unfair to those contestants without backing or a good background.

Also hailing from Miss Hong Kong, Cerina de Graca had also heard the news about the rigging of the competition and she says that she will not believe that there is a dark side to the contest because Rosa is very caring towards the girls and even if there is a dinner, then everyone would be there. Recently she has been linked in rumours with Auguste Kwan, she says strongly that she will not hide away because of these things and believes that the viewers know how to tell truth from rumours.

Also, Steven Ma left today to head to Guangzhou to receive an award from the local TV station for "Best Adaptation of a Song". When asked whether he has to appear at a mainland version of the "dinner", Steven says: "I don't need to, corruption used to be rife in the mainland, but after entering the WTO things are a lot fairer now." As for his good response to his book, leading to his new publisher venture, he says he hopes to be a giant in the publishing world one day.

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