Friday, July 9, 2010

2003 SM into community services

July 9th, 2003
Steven Ma joined with Leung Shun Yin and Chung Ding Don at an activity for the elderly sponsored by a gas company where free photographic services were offered to the 250 Elderly people present and Steven joined in with their games making them all very happy. Steven is very enthusiastic about community programmes and he plans to set up a charitable trust to help even more people.

He says: "In the next two years, my publishing company will be bringing out books about lonely old people, single parent families, young people and childrens, working with different organisations each time and giving a portion of the profits to the charities." He hopes that as the publisher matures, he will use its name to set up a trust and help those who need it.

Steven is always talking about 'helping people', if he became a politician, then wouldn't he be able to utilise an even bigger strength? He laughs when he hears this saying straightly: "Not everyone can take part in politics, to do this you need to be very educated and skilled."

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